Bush Likes that Harbaugh “Not Screwed Tight”

Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan LB Devin Bush was high on Michigan before his first trip to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago. He is even higher on the Wolverines now.

For Devin Bush, trips outside of the Florida are a totally new endeavor.  That’s part of why Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan star is approaching his recruitment with an open mind.  He wants to take an honest look at all of his options to see which ones match up with what he is looking for.  Now after having made his way to the Great Lake State for the first time earlier this month, it appears that Michigan will be among those that fit the bill.

“It was amazing,” said Bush.  “It was amazing.  I haven’t been a place like that before, so going up there, it was just crazy.”

“The town is small.  There are not a lot of distractions up there.  It’s a football city.  The city is off the chain. Everything is just great up there.  I loved it.  It was snowing a little bit.  Still loved it.”

To many observers talk of this Florida State legacy recruit choosing a school outside of Florida, or even the south is unrealistic. For his part, though, Bush indicated that the Wolverines have definitely improved their chances in his recruitment.

“They’re up there (on my list),” he said.  “They treated me like family.  I was never alone.  Wherever I went, there was somebody by my side talking to me.  I got to hang out with players. They fed me a lot and really took care of me.”

As has been the case for many other visiting prospects, it was the personal interactions that stood out the most.

“I was with everybody… Coach Mattison, Coach Partridge, Coach Harbaugh,” Bush stated.   “(Harbaugh) is a player coach.  He’s the truth. Everything up top not screwed on tight (laughter), but he’s a great coach.  You can tell he knows how to win and how to run a program.  He’s done it countless times… brought teams back from the dead.  I believe he can do it again.”

There have been numerous reports from NFL circles about player displeasure with Harbaugh’s methods of resurrection.  The opposite is true for Bush.

“I’m not screwed so tight up top either,” Bush said laughingly.  “We have a lot (in common).”

The same can be said of his would-be position coach in Ann Arbor D.J. Durkin.

“He’s crazy as hell too just like me.  I love him.”

A strong connection with his future coaches is one of a number of criteria that will play significant roles in his final decision.  He also is looking to be part of a defense with other big time talents.  It appears that the Wolverines have that box checked also.

“I was mostly with Jabrill Peppers (during the visit),” said Bush.  “That guys ridiculous.  What he’s going to do in his time at Michigan is about to be crazy.  He’s the right guy to help take the team to the next level.  Jabrill is going to be the face of that team and he’s going to run things.”

While it’s clear that Michigan has cemented itself as a factor in the talented youngster’s recruitment, he isn’t yet ready to publicly declare the Wolverines his leader.  But he was impressed enough to schedule a return trip to Ann Arbor for mid-June.

“I’ve got to get back up there,” said Bush.  “It seems like home up there. I’m coming with my boy (Devin Gil), and I think my pops coming again.  He can’t get enough either.  That man was loving Michigan.  That man wanted to stay more than I did (laughter).  As soon as he looked for us a flight and he saw it was like $145.00 he said, ‘I’m booking them.  We’re going back up there.’”

Getting the four-star linebacker back on campus so soon after his initial visit will give the Wolverines with a clear opportunity to strengthen the bonds forged during his first trip.  It also gives them the chance to paint a picture for Bush and Gil of life in Ann Arbor together.

“I’ve told (Gil) about (Michigan) and he’s excited too.” We’re so tight (that) we going to the same school, no matter what school it is.”

If the Wolverines make a similarly strong impression on Gil their chances of landing the package deal will go up significantly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that commitments are right around the corner.

“I want to make a decision before (signing day), but at the same time, that Under Armour game I’m committed is January 2nd,” he explained.  (Committing during the game) might be too soon, as I might not have taken all my officials by then.”

“I definitely plan on taking all my official visits.”

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