Finish Line Nearing for Bredeson

Hartland (Wis.) Arrowhead OL Ben Bredeson took time away from the action at the Chicago (Ill.) Nike camp last Sunday to give the latest in his recruitment. The four-star OL addressed the rumors about Notre Dame’s rapid rise up his list, what he’ll be looking for during his upcoming visit to Michigan, his decision timeline and more.

Recruiting had been put on the backburner during the winter for Ben Bredeson, but it definitely moved to fore of late.

“(Recruiting) is going pretty well,” Bredeson said.  “It has been a little busy ever since basketball ended.  It’s going to pick up a little more.  I’m going to go and try to get to Michigan on May 30th, which is nearly all set and then Ohio State some time this spring or summer as well.  Things are on their way winding down.”

That’s very good news for a few of the long list of suitors that lined up to extend the Dairy State star scholarship offers

“The ones I’m really considering are Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Stanford,” said Bredeson.  “Alabama a little bit, but I have to get down there and then the same thing with Stanford.  It’s across the country for me and I can’t just pull that on a weekend.  I don’t know how I’m going to get out there, but I’m going to try.  Once I get that done and I get to see Stanford and Alabama.  Then I can start toning the list down a little more and more and then really get into it.  Those are my big ones for now.”

Among that select group, recent scuttlebutt had the Fighting Irish moving up Bredeson’s list. When asked about the chatter his increased comfort with the program was abundantly clear.

“I really like it,” said Bredeson.  “(The talk) is true.  I’m a fan of Notre Dame ever since I went down there and saw it.  They’ve been growing on me.  I love Coach Hiestand and Coach Kelly.  My visits down there were great.  I got to see the campus and the life of players.  That was a big thing for me and I like how things were run down there.”

Michigan will look to counter Notre Dame’s surge when Bredeson visits at the end of the month. To do that the Wolverines will have to establish the same kind of multiple-coach bond with the Hartland (Wis.) Arrowhead star that the Irish have.

“I’m a big fan of Coach Drevno, the new line coach and coordinator there,” said Bredeson.  “He and I got a good relationship going right away.  Once I heard he was hired, we got together and we talked.  It was great having Coach Mattison there.  It was not as a big of a culture shock for me.  I had a way in and once I got a chance to talk to Coach Drevno, he’s a great guy and Coach Harbaugh, I’ve talked to him on the phone a few times.  He’s a good guy.  I’m trying to get out there and visit so I can meet everybody in person and that’s kind of my big focus when I go out there.”

While relationships clearly will be important in the final analysis, the most prominent decision criteria for Bredeson is the same as it has always been.

“I love a high academic school, something that has a degree that can stand among the more traditional schools in the country,” he said.  “Then also with the networking options after trying to get me a job after school.  That’s something that I just learned about in the high school years, but once I did my research that’s a huge deal.  I was talking to my dad about it and that’s the one thing he wishes that he had from his school is some networking options.  So that’s a big thing that I’m looking for, an alumni base afterwards.  Then obviously the football.  I want a top notch program that is very respectable and has national title or big bowl game aspirations.”

Michigan does have an oft-mentioned feather in its cap in the form of Bredeson’s brother who will play baseball in Ann Arbor, but the talented youngster downplayed how big of a role that will play in his final decision.

 “It’s not a negative.  It is definitely a little pull but I’m not trying to affect it too much.  He does great job staying neutral with it.  He hears about all the other schools and he’s just happy for me and wants me to go where I want.  At home, he does flaunt his Michigan gear a lot.  It has a little pull.”

Ultimately, though, little brother will go his own way.  And if things go according to plan it won’t be long before he figures out which way that is/

“I might have to take one or two (official visits)… Alabama or Stanford because those are hard for me to get to,” said Bredeson.

“In a perfect world (my recruitment) will be done before my senior year, but otherwise (it will conclude) early in the year.”

For much more from Bredeson including his thoughts on style of play, a possible return trip to Notre Dame, and more, press play below.

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