Michigan Gets Hamler’s Attention

Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary’s speedster K.J. Hamler is the latest 2017 in-state prospect to add a Michigan offer. It was a move that made the Maize & Blue an immediate factor in his recruitment.

Sam Webb:  Did the Michigan offer come as a surprise?

K.J. Hamler:  “Yeah it caught me by surprise.  I got pulled out class.  My coach wanted to talk to me.  I knew it was about Michigan but I just thought they wanted me to come up there for a visit or something, but when they offered me I was in shock. I talked to Coach Partridge and then he put the receiving coach on, I think Coach Fisch or something like that.”

Sam Webb:  Did they talk about how they wanted to use you?

K.J. Hamler:  “Not really while we were on the phone.  They were just talking about what they liked about me was my quickness, my ability to return punts and kickoffs.  My releases off the line, I can get open very well.”

Sam Webb:  How many offers do you have?

K.J. Hamler:  “My tenth.”

Sam Webb:  Do you know them all off the top of your head?

K.J. Hamler:  “Louisville, Ohio, Toledo, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan.” (edt note: San Diego State has also offered.)

Sam Webb:  Before this point were any schools sticking out on your list?

K.J. Hamler:  “Yeah Michigan State and West Virginia.  Those were sticking out.”

Sam Webb:  What has them so high?

K.J. Hamler:  “West Virginia, I like their offense mostly and how they used one of my favorite players, Tavon Austin.  I loved how they used him and they talk about how they want to use me the same way.  Michigan State, I’ve been around them a lot.  I know the coaching staff very well, I know the players very well.  I have a good bond with them.”

Sam Webb:  Who are the top schools on your list right now?

K.J. Hamler:  “All the schools are on my list, but the top I would have to ay Michigan State, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Louisville and I think Pittsburgh.  Most of all I’m blessed to have all those scholarships right now.”

Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Michigan at this point?

K.J. Hamler:  “It’s a great school.  It has a lot of tradition, one of the best colleges education wise and athletic wise in the country, so I like that about them.  I just love the excitement at Michigan.  It’s Michigan.  I just like everything about it, it’s a great school, a great education.  They got a great coach, Coach Harbaugh.  I’m happy and blessed to have this offer.”

Sam Webb:  They have this Great Eight Junior Day that they are doing next month, are you coming to that?

K.J. Hamler:  “Yeah I’m trying to come.  Hopefully, I don’t have a track meet on that day.  I’m praying that we don’t.”

Sam Webb:  Give me some measurable, track times, forty times, what is your speed?

K.J. Hamler:  “My hand time I run a 4.37, but my electric time is a 4.5.  I’m number three in the state for the 200.  My fastest time was like 21.9 or a 22 flat, those are my fastest times that I’ve run so far this year.”

Sam Webb:  Only 200? No 100 for you?

K.J. Hamler:  “I’m a 100 guy too, but they just took me out of it this year.  I was in it last year and they took me out of it to give me a little bit of rest.  They think I will do better in the 200 than the 100.  I went with my coaches decision and things are turning out good right now.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s pretend that you’re getting ready to sit down and make a decision, when you do that what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

K.J. Hamler:  “Relationship most of all.  Relationship with the school, the coaching staff and stuff like that.  I’m blessed to have all these schools after me right now.  I’m going to go whoever loves me I’ll love them back.  I’ll make my decision about that and second of all, education wise, I need a school that has a good education.  I want to get my degree so if football doesn’t take me somewhere then I have plan B with my degree and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb:  What about timeline? Are you going to be a signing day guy, or are you going to try and get it done earlier than that?

K.J. Hamler:  “I’m going to wait.  I think I’m going to wait until signing day or if I decide early, after football season of my junior year.”

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