Eletise: 'Blown Away' By Michigan Offer

Honolulu (Hi.) Kaiser 2016 OG Michael Eletise updates his recruitment with Michigan and more.

The Michigan Insider was able to catch up with Honolulu (Hi.) Kaiser 2016 OG Michael Eletise and see what the four-star standout thought about the Wolverines. See what he has to say and more below. Michigan Insider: How did you receive your Michigan offer? Who told you?

Eletise:"I received a call from Coach Drevno. He said that they liked how I played and wanted me to come [Michigan for a visit]. They were excited about what was being built at Michigan and asked me to join in the new era."

What was your reaction? Were you surprised?

Eletise:"I was blown away and so excited. This is Coach Harbaugh and Coach Drevno -- San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl, Stanford -- Seriously, they even know who I am? That is incredible. And yes, so surprised."

Now that you have the Michigan offer, what do you know about Michigan? What's your interest in the program?

Eletise:"I know that it is a school that loves their football. I know academically it is tops. I would walk away with a degree that could impact my entire life. The alumni base is wide and the support for students is huge. I want to be the best offensive lineman I can be. To work with great coaches like these would be amazing. If you want to be the best, you need to be coached by the best. I also like that they (Harbaugh and Drevno) are men of faith. My faith is important to me."

You Mentioned Coach Drevno is visiting, what do you want to hear from him? Is there already a relationship there?

Eletise:"We have been talking and tweeting. I have called him too. Both he and Coach Harbaugh have talked to my dad. Coach Drevno is coming in this week, I think Thursday. You can only have so much of relationship viaTwitter but he’s good to talk to and answers my questions. I have also had some great conversations via Twitter with Coach Netter. He knows from firsthand experience what it is like to be Coached by Coach Drevno. He’s great and has spent a lot of time tweeting me. I like him a lot."

I know you live Hawaii, but is Michigan a school you would like to visit? If so, what would like to see on your visit?

Eletise:"I would love to visit. I would really like to see a game to experience the magic. I’m still deciding on where I am going to visit this fall, but I know that Michigan is a huge consideration. I want to see the academic support center and the weight room. You spend most of your time there. I would also like to see the neighborhood. I have never been anywhere close to that. It will be so cool to see Ann Arbor, I heard it’s beautiful there."

What are some of your other schools of interest?

Eletise:"I am so blessed to have some outstanding schools who have made me an offer. I am sincerely considering them all. I’m to not ready to make a top ten list or anything like that. In the Big Ten I love Nebraska, Penn State and Michigan. I also love Colorado. They were the first to believe in me. They offered me when no one else was looking at me. They will always be a big consideration for me."

What schools have you visited and plan on visiting in the future?

Eletise:"So far I have visited Hawaii, UCLA, USC, ASU, Arizona, Oregon State, Oregon and Washington. I don’t think I will be able to go on any other unofficial visits. I was hoping too this summer, but it’s just expensive and my sister is in college too. It won’t be fair for me to see all these schools and her not be able to go back to school. I wish so much I could see more but I will have to wait for my official visits. I will make my decision on the top five before or at The Opening and then contact the schools to make sure I can come."

What are going to be your deciding factors when you're looking at a program?

Eletise:"That’s hard to say exactly. It’s about feelings and coach connection for me. Every school has amazing facilities and it seems like every school has great athletic support staff and academic help. I have not met one coach that I didn’t like.

"I am looking to see what kind of team it is, does it have a family atmosphere or is it all business. I do better in a high family kind environment. It’s a Polynesian thing. I am looking to see how a school treats all their players. If you are the star of the program you always great treated well, what happens if you aren’t? I think that says a lot about a school, those who treat everyone with respect. I also will see who my parents like. The biggest thing we will do is pray about it. My former coach and mentor Rich Miano gave me some advice that I really liked, he said I should go to where I would go even if I didn’t play football. So I am thinking about that too."

When you finally have all the offers that you want, when do you see yourself announcing your commitment?

Eletise:"You are good at hard questions, I plan to narrow my list to a top ten or so early summer. I might share that at or after the Max Exposure Camp here in Honolulu. Then a top five in July. I will visit whoever lets me come from that list and then when it feels right, announce." I don’t want to visit just to visit. I only will go when I can’t decide and need to see it in person."

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