Harbaugh Connects With Gary’s Mom

The nation’s #1 player was Jim Harbaugh’s focus Monday night. Paramus (N.J.) Catholic defensive lineman Rashan Gary is among the Wolverines top recruiting priorities in 2016, but that wasn’t the topic of conversation between Harbaugh and the talented youngster’s mother. That’s why it was such a hit.

Rashan Gary had hoped to make a return trip to Michigan this month so he could show his mother all the things that excited him during his March unofficial visit, but scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening.  The trip isn’t cancelled, it’s just delayed.  Even so Jim Harbaugh isn’t resting comfortably on his laurels. He made sure to get on the phone with the woman of the Gary’s household Monday to help ensure that the Wolverines remain top of mind.

“I talked to Coach Harbaugh and he is a very personable entertaining guy,” Gary’s mother Jennifer Coney said.  “We talked for a long while and it wasn’t even about football.  It wasn’t about recruiting even though it was a recruiting call.  We didn’t need to talk much football because I can find out most of that stuff when I get over there. He talked about wanting to build the man, not just the football player.  He talked about academics.  He talked about his family.  He has six kids and he talked about trying to figure out how he was going to get his family moved over (to Ann Arbor).  He doesn’t whether they were going to fly or drive. That’s why he has work all of those hours… to take care of six kids! (Laughter).

“He is an entertaining guy.”

The Wolverines’ headman struck the right chord during the interaction.  In order to impress mom further they’ll have to sell her on the academic and social aspects of Michigan.  Of course Gary and company will have to make their way to campus for that to happen.

“Rashan gets out of school on the 22nd (of June) and we’ll probably come out that week.  Maybe even the next day. I’ll be on vacation then, so that will be a good time.”

“Rashan still doesn’t know where he wants go, so we’re still doing his visits.  I wish I would have went with him (to Michigan) the first time.”

Gary is slated to visit Ole Miss, Auburn and Alabama on three consecutive days starting June 11th.

He is also reportedly planning a summer visit to Notre Dame, and possibly UCLA, USC and Stanford as well.

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