Michigan Connecting with Thompson

Florence (Ala.) DE Erroll Thompson is one of Michigan’s top 2016 targets for the BUCK position in D.J. Durkin’s defense.

College coaches from across the country have been hot on Erroll Thompson’s trail for some time now.  Because of that the Florence (Ala.) star knew it was only a matter of time before schools like Michigan took notice of his teammate and good friend J'Marick Woods.

“If I could describe him in one word, I guess I would say ‘dog’,” Thompson said.  “He has that dog in him.  He’s a playmaker on both sides of the ball, at receiver and DB.  I feel like he is a better safety than anything.  He runs the alley real well and he has great ball skills.  That sums it up. When his film gets out and people see a couple games, yeah it’s going to get real.”

It’s already real for Thompson.  The three-star LB/DE already holds offers from big name programs like Tennessee, Alabama, and Michigan.  That, though, has distracted him from the important task of working on his game.

“I’ve improved a lot,” said Thompson.  “I’m just really focused on my cover skills and just playing in space.”

The 6-2, 254-pounder is being courted by some as an edge rusher, while others project him to be a middle backer.  Michigan wants him to do a bit of both.

“They want me to be a hybrid type guy,” Thompson explained.  “They want a guy that can drop in coverage and also a guy that can rush the passer on third and fourth downs in passing situations.”

That describes the BUCK position in the Wolverines’ defense.  The Michigan assistant responsible for convincing Thompson of his ideal fit for the job is Tyrone Wheatley.

“He’s real cool,” Thompson stated.  “We’ve been in contact a whole bunch.  We’ve been in contact pretty much ever since I met him.”

Thanks to those conversations the talented youngster has gotten a better feel for the Maize & Blue, but he knows he won’t fully appreciate what it has to offer until he gets up on a visit.

“I know they have a great tradition,” he said.  “They’ve always been good since back in the day since I was born.  In the ‘90s they were really good and the early 2000s they were really good.  I know they got Coach Harbaugh now and I know they are going to be a powerhouse.”

“I haven’t set up a visit yet, but I know they’re doing a camp down in Prattville.  I’ll be down there for that.”

Spending time interacting with the coaches in person will certainly go a long toward helping Thompson determine how well they’d mesh with one another, but that’s just one of the considerations he’ll use to determine which school will fit him best.

Said Thompson, “(It’s going to come down to) where I can get the best education at, where I feel like I can make the biggest impact, and really where I feel the most comfortable at.”

And what about distance from home?

“That’s not a problem at all,” he said.  “My family travels a lot anyway.”

“If (I go to Michigan) they can just catch me on the Big Ten Network (laughter).”

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