Robertson 'Might' Visit Michigan on Saturday

Fort Wayne (Ind.) High 2016 four-star defensive end Auston Robertson talks potential visit to U-M and more

AVONDALE, Mich. -- Autson Robertson stands at 6-foot-4, 262-pounds. But that doesn't stop the big man from competing in 7v7 tournaments.

In fact, this past weekend the four-star standout put his athleticism on full display at the Midwest Elite 7v7 tournament held at Avondale (Mich.) High.

"The reason I come to 7v7 events is I love to compete," Robertson said. "I'm always competing. I don't want to sit around and lose my athleticism. I want to come out and show off my athleticism. So that's why I come to these tournaments.

"I find this beneficial for me for the next level," he said. "I might play outside linebacker possibly. So this is going to help me drop into coverage and field my hips right. Using my hips right will help me on the D-line too. Either way, this is beneficial."

Latest With the Wolverines

Earlier this month, Robertson made his way Michigan to check out the Wolverines, and after the visit he announced that U-M is on his top three along with rivals Michigan State and Notre Dame. His feelings about Michigan have not changed since that visit, he said.

"Going to Michigan changed the whole game," he said. "It was better than what I expected. They just popped in my top-three right then and there. I got a pretty good relationship with some of the coaches down there. I might go down there on May 30th with Austin Mack. But I'm not sure yet. But I am trying to get to all three of the colleges before I commit. I'm also trying to bring my mom there so she can potentially see where I am going to play at the next level.

"My mom works a lot, so she's going to figure out here schedule. This is a new experience for her and me. I just want to show here some of things I am going through. She has always been here for me, so I want to keep here with me while I'm rising up. I want here to start building a relationship with the coaches as well, for all the colleges before I make the decision."

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh made quite the impression during Robertson's visit last month, and has continued to stress his importance of being part of U-M's 2016 class, he said.

"I talked to Coach Harbaugh [last Thursday]," he said. "He told me how interested they were. How I can change the game in their recruiting. So if I commit, a lot of people will follow. They just need that spark to start it off.

"Coach D.J. Durkin talked to me and told I would be outside linebacker, dropping in pass coverage and pass rushing. So he broke down some things that I would be doing."

On June 7, Robertson will make his commitment known, with three deciding factors playing a huge role in his decision.

"Three big things for is education, the relationship I have with the coaches, and how good they produce their players. How often do their players go to the league."

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