Decision on the Horizon for Pryor? (Part 2)

Lawrenceville (Ga.) Archer safety Isaiah Pryor. He recently mentioned the possibility of committing to one of them soon. The question is how soon? We caught up with the 2017 standout’s father to get the latest.

  • If you missed part one of this interview, click here.

Sam Webb:   Back to Isaiah… I know he had an opportunity to visit Notre Dame.  It sounds like that one was impressive also.  What was that like?

Richard Pryor:  “They both good academic universities, the difference is Notre Dame is more of a private smaller school with 8000 students.  A lot of alumni base, a lot of the coaches, just like Michigan, played there (or have) been around the university, and all their games are televised.”

Sam Webb:  One of the things Isaiah said in a recent interview was that he was looking to make his decision soon.  What’s the motivation behind getting it done that early the process? Do you think he’ll make any more visits before he makes a decision?

Richard Pryor:  “He has to take visits because he has to go to schools that he hasn’t been to that has offered him.  He really is open to this recruiting, he is not limiting himself in that way.  He’ll hopefully commit around November or December because he’s a mid year, so he really needs to know where he’s going within a year, so I would say November/December.  This summer he can’t get to (all of) the schools. He talks to all the schools.  He talks to all of them, which is good because you never know where the coaches might end up and the program might end up, so you need to be open minded during this whole recruiting (process).”

Sam Webb:  He mentioned that he was going to try and get back to Ohio State.  Is that something you guys think you’ll be able to do this summer?

Richard Pryor:  “Yes we’ll be over there because his little brother just finished the FBU camp and he was invited to the Top Gun, which is in Dublin, Ohio.  It is the town over from Columbus.  For us to be that close and not go to Ohio State that wouldn’t be fair.”

Sam Webb:  When is that camp and when will that Ohio State visit take place?

Richard Pryor:  “That camp is in July, should be mid July.  He got the invite yesterday through email.”

Sam Webb:  What grade is your other son in?

Richard Pryor:  “He’s in the seventh grade and he plays linebacker and fullback.”

Sam Webb:  I know that Michigan is going to be coming down through the south for these satellite camps.  They’re going to be in Alabama, Florida, have they talked to you guys about that and is that something that they’ve tried to get you guys to come out to?

Richard Pryor:  “They’ve talked to us about it, but they know Isaiah is really serious about his high school team.  They do seven on sevens and he is also still wrestling through the summer.  So it’s hard to squeeze certain things in.  Isaiah can't participate in anything during the week, and we’ll have to see (his availability otherwise) because he is wrestling on certain weekends.”

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that there are certain schools that he hasn’t made it out to yet, can you rattle off a few so I can include a couple of these schools in the story that he’s going to wait until the fall to get out and visit.

Richard Pryor:  “He’s going to USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal and Arizona State in June.  Then he’s supposed to go to Alabama soon and I think Ole Miss and Mississippi State.”

Sam Webb:  It sounds like distance is not going to play a big factor in his decision at all, is that accurate to say?

Richard Pryor:  “Yeah that is accurate.  If Isaiah loves the school, we’ll stand by him.  He’s the one that has to go there.  We’re not going to go to school with him.”

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