Hamler Building 'Bond' With Michigan

Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary’s 2017 wide receiver K.J. Hamler discusses his latest Michigan visit on Tuesday and more.

Sophomore wide receiver K.J. Hamler was offered by the Wolverines last month, however, he hadn't a chance to really soak in the Michigan football program and what they had to offer since the scholarship had been made available.

That's until he made visit with other top 2017 recruits on Tuesday.

"It was a great visit," said Hamler, who stars at Orchard lake (Mich.) St. Mary's. "I think I got more close with all the coaches, including coach [Jim] Harbaugh. Me and the other players we created more of a bond there as brothers. We just got to meet the coaches and know what they are about. They told us why we should come to Michigan. Why it's so special. Why it's the best school in the country football wise and academic wise.

"And Coach Harbaugh took us on a tour of the campus. We just went to the museum and library and stuff. All the places he liked when he was in college there. It meant my expectations a lot."

During his visit, the message was clear, Michigan wants him to be part of its 2017 class.

"Some of the coaches were just telling me how they were going to use me in the offense and staff like that," he said. "And how I can be a factor at Michigan. They just really want me to come to Michigan and create more of a bond with them.

"Now that I've got to talk with all the coaches and know how they are -- they have move higher in my recruiting process."

That being said, Hamler says his next plan is to visit Michigan for a one day camp in June.

"I'm just going to go up there for a one day camp," Hamler said. "They want to see my assets in real life. I'm going to go up there for one camp I think."

As far as his visit, Hamler says the "bond" was there with the fellow recruits and Coach Harbaugh showed his true personality that got everyone's attention.

"I think we just thought how good Michigan is football wise and academic wise," Hamler said. "But most of the time we just talked about how much fun and exciting Coach Harbaugh was, because he is a very energetic coach. He's very alive. He's just so energetic and enthusiastic towards his players and everybody else on the visit."

And a prime example of Harbaugh's energy, was when he was taking the players on a tour of one the U-M's many libraries on campus, Hamler says.

"We went to one of the libraries on campus, and everybody was studying," Hamler recalled. "Then he just yelled out of nowhere, "Who does it better than us?' Everybody said, 'Nobody!' Everybody that was studying just looked at him like he was crazy or something. It was actually pretty cool."

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