Four-Star Bama DL Will Visit Michigan

The highest profile recruit in attendance at Michigan’s Prattville (Ala.) satellite camp last week was 2016 Greenville (Ala.) DL Marlon Davidson. The four-star prospect showed his face just to let the Wolverine coaching staff know that the interest is definitely mutual.

It’s no secret that it’s going to be an uphill battle luring Greenville (Ala.) DL Marlon Davidson out South, but that not stopping Michigan from trying.  The Wolverines haven’t been deterred by the odds, and the talented youngster has definitely taken notice.  That’s especially true of the persistence of his Michigan recruiter Tyrone Wheatley.

“He’s a laid back guy.  He’ll talk to you.  He’s a family man and he knows I’m down here (in Alabama) and it’s going to be hard to get me up there.  He said if I got one, I can get another one.  He said, ‘I’m looking forward to recruiting you this year.’”

So when Davidson got word that the entire Wolverine coaching staff was going to be in town for a satellite camp in Prattville (Ala.) last week, he wanted to make sure he let them know the interest is mutual by attending as a spectator.

“(I’m here) just to see the coaches out here and (let them) know that I’m actually looking at them, getting more interest.  Just knowing that I had them on my mind and stuff, come out and see how they run their thing and how they do all their practices.  Just really try to get to know the coaches more.”

One clear takeaway was a much better appreciation for who Jim Harbaugh is.

“He just don’t seem like the coach that I thought he would be,” Davidson admitted.  “I thought he would be uppity type coach… but he’s laid back.  Quiet type dude.”

Davidson plans to get an even deeper feel when he makes way to Ann Arbor for a visit tentatively set for July 19th.

For added insight from Davidson on his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, and more, press play below.

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