Michigan Commitment Fulfills Dream for McKeon

When Dudley (Mass.) Shepherd Hill TE Sean McKeon made his way to Michigan for an unofficial visit Saturday he did so with an open mind. Today the Wolverines officially closed it.

After a turning in an impressive performance during Michigan’s annual summer camp today, Dudley (Mass.) Shepherd Hill tight end Sean McKeon decided to bring his recruitment to an end.  His jubilance over the move may have been surpassed by that of his proud parents.  They both were convinced that Ann Arbor should be their son’s collegiate home well before he informed them that he felt the same way.

“I really liked the school and it was really hard to not tell Sean, ‘I really like the school and I think you should go here,’” McKeon’s mother Charlotte admitted.  “I waited until I saw what he thought. It’s tough not giving (your kids) your opinion and letting them make their own decision.  My husband and I both were trying not push him in any certain direction because we really wanted him to make the decision.  But once we realized how excited he was about this place I said, ‘if this is the place for you I think you should just tell them.  Why wait if you know this is the place for you?”

During a post camp meeting with Jim and Jay Harbaugh it was clear her talented offspring agreed with that sentiment.

“He just told them he wanted to come to Michigan,” said Mrs. McKeon.  “I really like Jim Harbaugh.  I’ve always been a fan of his. I was telling them that six months ago when I watched Jim Harbaugh leave the NFL and come to Michigan I said to my two boys, ‘wouldn’t it be awesome playing under Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?  That would be like a dream come true!’ Now that dream is a reality for Sean.  So it’s just exciting.”

“He is just a very inspirational coach.  I like how passionate he gets with his football players.  I think he’s on a mission to make Michigan football #1.  The vibe I get is there just seems to be a lot of excitement building and he is out-and-out on a mission.  I think the football program is really going to be great.”

Michigan’s strong academic profile was also a major selling point, but Harbaugh’s commitment to making sure McKeon has the opportunity to fully benefit from that prestige may have been the clincher.

“I like the fact that the coaches seem really dedicated to making sure their football players get a good education,” Mrs. McKeon said.  “He was willing to work around Sean’s schedule because he wants to take engineering.  He was willing be flexible with working the football schedule around (Sean), which made me feel happy.  So Sean can take the major that he really wants to major in.”

With his decision now behind him McKeon will be shifting his attention to more immediate concerns.

“He can focus on his upcoming football season and the stuff he wants on at school,” Mrs. McKeon stated.  “He has a lot planned for the summer with them."

“He also wants to take some classes at a local community college so if he wants to go early he can have the extra english or math (requirements taken care of).  He wants to try to go early to Michigan in January to get a head start.”

The speed with which that date is approaching is a reality that is much more sweet than bitter. The talented youngster will be venturing further away from home than initially anticipated, but the home-like feeling in Ann Arbor makes that a non-issue.

“Of course I’m a little sad about it, but I know (Michigan) is the best place for him,” said Mrs. McKeon.  “I just want some place where he is going to be happy and thrive and I think (Michigan) is the place for him.  We’ll get to his games. We’ll drive, fly, or whatever. We’re not going to miss his home games that’s for sure.”

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