Michigan Camp; Top 15 Performers

Michigan's camp had several one-day guys come to Ann Arbor and impress. They ranged from an in-state 2016 prospect who looks to be very close to an offer, to young 2018 and 2019 prospects who will no doubt become major recruits.

1. Trishton Jackson - 2016 WR, West Bloomfield (Mich.)
Great ball skills, very smooth and still learning. Michigan offer is very possible and Wolverines would be high on the list if that happened.

2. Sean McKeon - 2016 TE, Dudley (Mass.) Shepherd Hill
Loved how he could bend for his size. Very naturally athletic and catches the ball well. Lean frame with the room to grow. Staff seemed to not just like him, but love him.

3. Brandon Gray - 2018 WR, Southfield (Mich.)
Fantastic ball skills. Several "WOW" catches on Tuesday. 6'4-6'5 and thin. Has to get stronger, but upside is tremendous. Could definitely see him as a U-M offer guy down the road.

4. David Reese - 2016 LB, Farmington (Mich.)
Camps are not his thing. He's a football player and a hitter, but man has he improved in coverage. Got matched against the best at the camp (tested by the coaches) and passed with flying colors. Wanted to do both AM and afternoon sessions to show staff he could play linebacker and the staff told him they had seen enough and didn't need to do the afternoon.

5. Isaiah Gaynor - 2018 CB, Elkton (Md.) Eastern Christian
This kid was lockdown on Monday. Granted he didn't have Edwards, Jackson, Gray, etc. to go against, but he's well-built and explosive for a 2018 kid. Liked him a lot.

6. Tyrone Sampson - 2018 OL, Detroit (Mich.) East English Village Prep
He was awesome on Tuesday. I don't remember seeing him lose a 1-1. Akron has already offered, but he'll be a Big Ten guy in my opinion. We will have to see how he grows and how his body changes to see if Michigan offers. Built like a center/guard right now. Could he be similar to Onwenu? Possible.

7. Keegan Cossou - 2017 TE, Greenville (Mich.)
Great looking kid on the hoof and he catches the ball well and runs good routes. Good sophomore film. As much as Michigan likes tight ends, he has a real chance. Looked a little like McKeon.

8. Bailey Edwards - 2016 WR, Chelsea (Mich.)
He had a really good day. He is FAST. I think he's still learning the position, but he's young for his grade and still developing. The improvement I've seen in him is great. He got better even as Tuesday went along. He's one of the fastest kids in the Midwest, he has good size, and I like his upside. Michigan offered a preferred walk-on, but I think the door is still open for more. He has some other offers including Minnesota where his brother Berkley is, so he'll be an interesting guy to watch. He's going to have a huge senior year IMO.

9. Sam Johnson - 2019 QB, Southfield (Mich.)
This kid has a gun for being so young. He's poised and competitive too. He has all the makings of a big time guy. The ball comes out of his hand really nice. He can already make all the throws. As noted by Sam, he has some mechanical stuff to continue to work on, but he's as talented of a freshman as the state has had in some time.

10. Dwan Mathis - 2019 QB, Belleville (Mich.)
It's funny, people say Johnson is the pure passer and Mathis is the athlete, but Mathis threw the ball extremely well on Tuesday morning. I see his confidence growing each time out. He's very very gifted. He reminds me of Devin Gardner at the same age.

11. Corey Malone-Hatcher - 2017 DE, St. Joseph (Mich.)
Would be higher, but he got injured. As we saw last year at camp, he can really rush the passer. After a few reps, the coaches told him he didn't need to do anymore because they had seen what they needed to see and didn't want him worsening his injury.

12. Johnathan Berghorst - 2017 DT, Zeeland (Mich.) East
He's growing into a defensive tackle and is impressing at these camp stops. Very strong. 250-ish right now and could be a monster once he gets to 270+. Invited inside for lunch with Mattison after a good morning session at camp. Even if it's not at Michigan, he will probably play D1/Big Ten ball.

13. Cooper Russell - 2017 WR, Elkton (Md.) Eastern Christian
On Monday, he was uncoverable. He's fast and has great ball skills. He went over the top of guys, impressive for only being 5'10. At his size, a Michigan offer is not a certainty, but he deserved to be on this list because he was awesome on Monday.

14. Benjamin St. John - 2016 CB, Old Montreal (Canada)
A big corner, he turned heads. There may not be room at the inn as far as Michigan's concern, but the staff showed him a lot of attention and he's a name to keep in mind depending on what happens with some other targets I think.

15. Jake Cerny - 2016 OT, Traverse City (Mich.) West
I have always liked this kid and still do. It was my opinion going into camp that he would need a Superman type performance to earn a Michigan offer. While he was very good, I don't know that it was strong enough, based on the numbers, to get him that Wolverine offer. At the minimum, I see Michigan having to play against him though, possibly at Illinois or another Big Ten program.

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