Harbaugh: 'Allowed to Cross State Borders'

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh tells USA Today Sports his satellite camps are what America is about, defends traveling the country coaching student-athletes.

Jim Harbaugh doesn't care.

Michigan's first year coach, despite not yet coaching one game inside the big house, is causing a major stir in college football just under three months before his debut with the Wolverines.

We're talking about practice -- sort of. Michigan's annual football camp is being held this week in Ann Arbor, providing teaching and coaching opportunities for youth football players, like every other program in the country does on it's campus.

The only difference for Michigan is this camp comes on the heels of a nine day, 11 camp, cross country tour with the Wolverines' coaching staff holding day camps in recruiting hot beds such as Florida and Texas, to name a few.

Satellite camps are well known in college football now, and several coaches, particularly in the SEC, are voicing negative opinions because it gives Michigan an advantage.

But again, Harbaugh doesn't care.

"In my America, you're allowed to cross the state borders," Harbaugh told USA Today Sports. "That's the America I know."

And Harbaugh's right, no rule limits or prevents Michigan from expanding it's national reach to interact with and personally see high school athletes from several areas of the country.

Despite receiving 10 verbal commitments over the last two weeks from prospects in Michigan's backyard, but mostly coming from other regions, Harbaugh insists the satellite camps aren't solely focused on recruiting or "branding" for his program, as some would say.

"I don't know what that means, a brand," Harbaugh told USA Today Sports, instead adding it's about"sharing a love for football."

Saturday, Michigan welcomes in several current and former NFL quarterbacks for the "A4: Ann Arbor's Aerial Assault" camp, designed to focus on developing and coaching quarterbacks. More than 200 quarterbacks are expected to be in attendance.

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