Solomon Wise: Michigan Camp ‘Was a 10’

2016 Coppell (Tex.) defensive end Solomon Wise is fresh off a strong performance in front of Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan coaching staff at a recent satellite camp in Texas. Wise discusses the Wolverines, his impressions of the staff, and more.

Highly rated or under the radar, the Michigan coaching staff spent the nine day, 11 camp satellite tour focused on finding some of the top football talent in the country.

One prospect catching the eye of the Wolverines is 2016 Coppell (Tex.) defensive end Solomon Wise and it turns out the two-star target had a heck of a time participating in front of Jim Harbaugh and the coaches.

“I’m going to do it on a grading scale from one to ten,” Solomon said when asked how the camp went. “Grading scale, the camp overall was a 10.  It was nice.  They had everything was organized. 

“It wasn’t anything that I think about stop, it was rolling in with the dude.  It was neither here or there.  I was rolling.  I didn’t get tired much.  It was hot.  That’s mainly it.”

As the session continued to go on Wise says he noticed the Michigan coaching staff watching a little closer and a little closer with every drill.

Standing out with his 6-foot-4, 220-pound frame, it didn’t take long for the Wolverines to inquire about the athletic edge rusher.

“After we were stretching and a lot of people just asking me who I was,” Wise said. “They said what’s your name?  I said Solomon Wise.  They nod their head, a few wrote it down.  I was like whew, that’s alright, alright.  One Michigan coach looked at me and said, I know you got it, but I want to see if you really got it going on.  So we went into one on ones. 

“Before the first, a lot of coaches were coming up to me after we did our position coach, our individuals, we worked on our pass rush and we worked on our moves and stuff.  The only thing that I did probably wrong or bad was small stuff like hands techniques, but other than that I think I did pretty good on one on ones. 

“A lot of coaches liked me.  I think the defensive line coach, they liked me.  He walked up to me and said, ‘man you’re really good.’  I kind of get my hopes up, that kind of makes me happy and everything.”

Currently holding three scholarship offers from SMU, Illinois State, and Missouri State early in his recruiting process, Wise already has an idea of what he’s looking for in a college.

“I’m looking at four things,” Wise said. “I tell myself this every day.  If a college wants me, I’m going to ask them, do they have individual tutoring, that’s a big thing for me.  How do they help their players actually graduate?  How many D-line go to the league and how do they help produce their D-lineman. 

“Third thing is getting better.  I’m not going to go there just to…it’s me, I’m here.  I’m going to go there to learn.  My fourth thing is remember my name, be somebody when I get there.”

Born and raised in a football family with his father playing in the NFL and two older brothers each playing in a power five conference, Wise isn’t intimidated by the path laid before him.

“Ever since the end of the season, I knew I had some big shoes to fill,” he said. “I look at myself sometimes in the mirror and be like, I’m like man, I’ve got bit shoes to fill. 

“My brother is SEC, other brother is Big 12, my dad is my dad, he is who he is.  I have some big shoes to fill.  I guarantee this, I’m going to fill those shoes and I’m going to fill those shoes so much they’re too small for me.”

Asked whether or not a visit to Michigan could be in the near future, Wise put some of the onus back on the Wolverines’ coaching staff first.

“It depends on how they want me, how they look at me,” he said. “If they’re talking to me even more, yeah I might, but if they talk to me more than yeah. I like Michigan, a good program.”

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