4-Star Houston Commit to Visit Michigan

After decommitting from Baylor during the winter 2016 Houston (Tex.) Westside DT Jordan Elliott recently committed to Houston. Despite that Michigan is recruiting him harder than ever. The four-standout showed at the Wolverines’ satellite camp in Houston to let them know that their persistence is having an impact.

Sam Webb:   How is the offseason going for you?

Jordan Elliott:  “Pretty good.  Making some gains, getting stronger and faster.”

Sam Webb:  Height, weight and forty time, where you at right now?

Jordan Elliott:  “6-5, 300, 4.86 forty.”

Sam Webb:  A couple weeks ago you made the pledge to Houston. Take me through that decision and why you took that plunge.

Jordan Elliott:  “I wanted to be part of something great, something new, something upcoming, and my heart just led me to do it and I just did it.”

Sam Webb:  I know how recruiting works. I’m sure schools haven’t stopped recruiting you.

Jordan Elliott:  “Give or take.  This has really shown me who really wants me, so there are about four or five schools that came after me even harder after my commitment.”

Sam Webb:  Who are those four or five schools?

Jordan Elliott:  “Michigan, (Texas), USC, Alabama and Florida State.”

Sam Webb:  What are the Michigan coaches saying to you?

Jordan Elliott:  “They’re just telling me they really like who I am as a person.  They like my football skills.  They just want me to get up there.”

Sam Webb:  What are your impressions of the Michigan staff so far?

Jordan Elliott:  “I love the Michigan staff.  They’re like a family.  I’ve got everything good to say about them and nothing bad.”

Sam Webb:  You can play inside or outside, have they talked to you about where they envision you on the defense line?

Jordan Elliott:  “They want me to play D-end and D-tackle, so just all over.”

Sam Webb:  Do you have a preference?

Jordan Elliott:  “I like defensive end.”

Sam Webb:  I know all the Houston guys have been talking about doing something together.  I know that is kind of going on with (the University of) Houston right now.  Is that a big thing for you… going somewhere with some other guys?

Jordan Elliott:  “Not really.  I’m trying to do what’s best for me as an individual. I’m not being selfish, just want to look out for my family and my future, so whatever is best for me, if it includes them coming with me then it happens.”

Sam Webb:  Do you think you’re going to wind up taking official visits to other schools?

Jordan Elliott:  “I think so, yeah.”

Sam Webb:  Do you think Michigan will be a place that you take an official too?

Jordan Elliott:  “Definitely, yeah.”

Sam Webb:  When you look down the line and you get ready to make that final choice on where you’re going to go, what are going to be the biggest factor in determining that place?

Jordan Elliott:  “Just the atmosphere, the coaching staff, how I feel in that certain area, really just where my heart is.”

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?

Jordan Elliott:  “That has nothing to do (with the decision).”

Sam Webb:  Was that your mom that was here?

Jordan Elliott:  “Yeah that was her.”

Sam Webb:  Mommas don’t like their babies to be far away from home, so what does she say?

Jordan Elliott:  “She wants me to go wherever is best for me.  She doesn’t care about how far I go.  She just wants me to go as far as I need to.”

Sam Webb:  Are you going to wait until signing day to make that final, final decision?

Jordan Elliott:  “Yes most likely.”

Sam Webb:  Are you in any of the All-American games?

Jordan Elliott:  “Yeah I’m in the US Army All-American Game.”

Sam Webb:  Who are the people that you’re leaning on to help you because no one does it by themselves?

Jordan Elliott:  “My mom, my D-line coach and my trainer.  Those are the three people that I come together with and make a plan about whatever.  Those are the people I depend on the most.”

Sam Webb:  What Michigan coach are you talking to the most?

Jordan Elliott:  “Coach Mattison, the D-line coach.”

Sam Webb:  What’s the vibe like with Coach Mattison?

Jordan Elliott:  “He’s a great guy.  He’s kind of old school, but great guy, great coach and he’ll teach me a lot.”

Sam Webb:  Have you talked to Coach Durkin yet?

Jordan Elliott:  “Yeah I talked to Coach Durkin a little bit.”

Sam Webb:  What did you think of him?

Jordan Elliott:  “He’s cool.  He’s real laid back it seems like.”

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