Delance a Top Priority for Michigan

Michigan has the full-court press on 2016 Mesquite (Tex.) offensive tackle Jean Delance, and the talented youngster has definitely taken notice.

Michigan’s satellite camp stop in Dallas was jam packed with big time talent, but none were bigger… literally or figuratively… than 2016 Mesquite (Tex.) offensive tackle Jean Delance.  Whether due to his sheer size or the red carpet that seemingly paved the way for his entrance, the four-star prospect was hard to miss.

“They want me to know that they want me badly,” Delance noted.  “I’m one of the #1 guys that they want at tackle.  They tell me straight up what’s up.”

That message is being sent by multiple members of the Wolverines’ coaching staff, including the headman himself.  Delance was able to spend some one-on-one time with Jim Harbaugh during the camp and came away with a different impression that the one he had going in. That much was clear when he was asked if Harbaugh was what he expected him to be.

“Everything and more,” Delance replied.  “He’s a funny guy (with a) great personality.  He’s probably one of the best head coaches I’ve talked to in a long time.”

Dealance formed a similar impression of Michigan offensive line coach Tim Drevno.  That’s who talented youngster spent the majority of his camp time observing.  That gave him a clear picture of the approach his would-be mentor employs.

“Hard coaching,” Delance said of Drevno’s style.  “I like that personally.  A hard coaching coach that’s going to get you to where you want to be... get you to the next level.  It’s all about business.”

That positive view of the coaching staff is certainly a feather in Michigan’s cap, but that’s just one of many criteria that will ultimately decide which school he picks.

“Playing time,” replied Delance when asked what the factors in his choice will be.  “Definitely playing time, but then also that family environment.  With any coach or any team that’s definitely what separates any team in the country for me.”

One non-factor for is distance from home.

 Said Delance, “you may find the best place for you four, five or six states away, so if that’s the best fit for me and the best situation, then definitely I will take that chance (of choosing a school far away).”

For Michigan to prove it can be that distant locale it must first get the Under Armour All American on campus for a visit.

“That’s one of our biggest priorities, getting an official visit or unofficial visit,” said Delance.  “That’s going to happen.”

For more from Delance including word on whether he prefers pro-style or spread, his decision timeline, and the people that will help him make that choice, press play below.

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