B1G Rivals Impress St. Brown

Anaheim (Calif.) Servite junior WR Osiris St. Brown made his way to Michigan recently for the Sound Mind Sound Body Camp and took advantage of his time in the Great Lake State by dropping in on visiting both Michigan and Michigan State. The Golden State star came away from both experiences extremely impressed.

Sam Webb:  How do you think the camp went for you?

Osiris St. Brown:  “I think it was great.  I had a good time.  Early on, it was long with seminars but that helps teach all these kids how to stay out of trouble.  Then once we got into competition the second day I think I did pretty good.  It was kind of hard to get reps, but I got myself some reps and I think it was good.”

Sam Webb:  You obviously got a chance to perform in front of a lot of coaches.  Did you notice certain coaching staffs paying more attention to you than others?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Yeah I think Michigan. I was in this line for this drill and Jim Harbaugh came up and said he was really impressed with me.  Michigan State’s receiver coach kept trying to get me with the kids in his drills.  So I think those two were probably the most noticeable for coaching staffs that were walking around.  Then later on towards the end I saw Notre Dame, so that was good.

Sam Webb:  Were Michigan and Michigan State two schools that you were hearing a lot from before this camp or did it all just pile up while you were here?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Oh yeah Michigan I’ve been talking with their running (backs) coach for a little bit now…. (going back to) early March.  And Michigan State I hadn’t been talking to at all.  I went to visit them a couple of days before the camp.  They saw me at the camp and that definitely helps.”

Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Michigan State.  Obviously they just offered.  What do you know about Michigan State and what do you like about them?

Osiris St. Brown:  “I went to their campus and it is a huge school, 40,000 kids or something like that.  We definitely went around the locker room, cafeteria, it is beautiful.  The new locker room that they’re making right now, from what I saw, it looks (impressive).  The stadium is beautiful.  A lot of people donated to really help. Overall, I think it is a great school.  It continues to be one of the top schools by beating (schools like) Stanford in the Rose Bowl last year.  They’re going to beat a lot of schools.”

Sam Webb:  What do you know about Michigan at this point and what do you like about them if anything.

Osiris St. Brown:  “I like the fact that Jim Harbaugh is coaching there now, being an NFL coach.  Now that he is in college, it definitely makes a big impact on me.  What he is doing with the program… I think he is really going to turn it around and make them be really good the next couple of seasons.  Their facilities are always one of the top ones I visited.  The stadium is beautiful.  It is the biggest stadium in the US right now. It is huge.  Overall, it just has great feel to the whole program.”

“I visited (June 10th).  It was great.  They showed us all the wins they had, all their Heisman winners, Charles Woodson and all those guys.  Then we went into the locker room and then we walked around the campus a little bit.  Then after that we went over to the stadium, took a couple of pictures, went into the middle and saw what it was like to be on the field.  It was amazing.”

Sam Webb:  I know that Michigan’s coaches were doing their satellite camps while you were there, so who was on campus to give you a tour?

Osiris St. Brown:  “It was Coach Erik Campbell, the recruiting coordinator and we also got to meet Jay Harbaugh, Jim’s son.”

Sam Webb:  How did Michigan’s campus and facilities compare to some of the other places you’ve been?

Osiris St. Brown:  “It was definitely one of the top I’ve been too.  I’ve been to other ones, but they have some of the best facilities and equipment, top notch.”

Sam Webb:  At this point in your recruitment, are any schools sticking out for you yet?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Not really.  I’m still trying to visit as many schools as possible so I can start making a list.”

Sam Webb:  Does it boost Notre Dame up your list that your brother (Equanimeous St. Brown) is there and you’d have a chance to play college football with him?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Yeah definitely.  All the things he sees in Notre Dame I definitely see too.  I see all the education and stuff.  But I wouldn’t say I’m locked into Notre Dame.  I still want to have my own recruiting process.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s pretend for a second that you’re getting ready to make your decision, what are going to be the biggest factors in that?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Definitely the education that’s going to be the top one and then probably try and get on the field as early as possible.  I don’t want to be redshirted or sit out too much.  I just want to get in and get on the field.”

Sam Webb:  Will distance be a factor for you at all?

Osiris St. Brown:  “No I don’t think so.  I don’t think it’ll be a major factor for me.”

Sam Webb:  What about timeline for your decision?  Are you going to be one of those kids who waits until signing day of your senior year or are you going to try and get it done earlier than that?

Osiris St. Brown:  “I’d like to get it done earlier, but if the same thing happens as with my brother and I have to go until the end, then I can wait until signing day.”

Sam Webb:  What is next for you? Do you have any more camps or campus visits on the docket before your season starts?

Osiris St. Brown:  “Yeah.  Next one is for Stanford for a football camp and then I think we’re going to go to visit the campus as well and then after that I think we’re going to go to the ASU camp, USC camp and UCLA camp.  Those are the next couple of schools.”

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