Hermanns Talks U-M Camp, Zach Gentry

2016 Rio Rancho (N.M.) three-star offensive tackle Grant Hermanns was in attendance for one of Michigan’s most recent satellite camps out west. Hermanns breaks down his experience, what he gained from Michigan’s coaching staff, how he feels about the Wolverines, and more.

Non-padded camp settings aren’t exactly ideal for offensive or defensive lineman but 2016 Rio Rancho (N.M.) three-star offensive tackle Grant Hermanns made the most of his chance to impress in front of the Michigan coaching staff at a recent satellite camp.

“The camp was awesome, just kept moving and kept growing,” Hermanns told The Michigan Insider. “A lot of guys getting in shape but just keep moving, keep working and keep growing is how I see it.”
“I need to get a little stronger and gain a little weight, but they like the work ethic, love the heart and I just have to keep working.”
Currently holding nine offers so far from Northern Arizona, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Texas Tech, Washington State, Kansas, Iowa State and Nevada, Hermanns utilized his camp experience to improve as a player but also to further familiarize himself with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

“Before this camp I didn’t know any of the Michigan coaches, never met them, never texted them on Twitter, nothing like that,” Hermanns said. “I was kind of interested in Michigan, but really came here because of the satellite camp.  

“After this, meeting the coaches, very interested in Michigan.  It’s an awesome school.  Great coaches, great guys, great worth ethic and I think they’re pretty excited about me too.”
Living in New Mexico, Hermanns is open to a visit to Michigan but says any talk of an imminent trip northeast to Ann Arbor isn’t underway just yet.

“Nothing like that,” Hermanns said. “They said they want to keep in contact.  They can’t call me of course, but he wants me to get them on Twitter and all that stuff, so just keep working, keep talking to coaches and building relationships.”

When it comes to decision time way down the line for Hermanns, the criteria is simple for what he’s looking for out of a college football program.
“I know every school is going to have all that flash stuff so they’re all going to have the nice shoes and nice clothes,” Hermanns said. “For me, it’s really about getting to know the coaches, getting to know the offensive line coach, getting to know the head coach.  

“You live there for five years, so you got to like where you play.  For me that’s the biggest thing, getting to know those guys and I’ll probably make my decision before my senior year, around September.  Make my decision and then try to defend our state championship.”

Noting distance from home won’t play a factor in his decision, Hermanns comes from the same state as incoming Michigan freshman quarterback Zach Gentry.

Although Hermanns admits he and Gentry aren’t exactly the best of friends, he is familiar with the mysterious but versatile quarterback, soon to be a Wolverine.

“I tackled him a few times,” he said. “He beat our quarterback out for all-state and I wasn’t too happy about that.  I’m an offensive lineman, so I’m really passionate about our quarterback.  

“I’ve tackled him a few times, I’ve talked to him and he’s a great kid.  He wasn’t too happy with us because we beat them at the semifinals in New Mexico.”

Able to offer a quick, very thorough scouting report on Michigan’s next quarterback, Hermanns gave Gentry props for his ability.

“He’s quick,” he said. “He’s definitely fast for how tall he is.  We chased him down a few times and that’s how we won that game.”

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