U-M Put Best Foot Forward with Gary (Part 2)

In part two of our interview the mother of Paramus (N.J.) DT Rashan Gary she reflected their visit to Ohio State, summed up their time at Michigan, discussed her son’s timeline for significantly trimming his list, and more.

Sam Webb:  What was Ohio State like?

Jennifer Coney:  “Ohio State was good as well.  We know Larry Johnson.  I love Larry Johnson.  He offered Rashan when Rashan was in ninth grade and he was at Penn State.  We’ve always talked to him for the last three years.  We have a good relationship with Larry Johnson.  Larry always talks to Rashan about everything, football.  He’s a spiritual guy.  He’s the kind of guy you trust with your son.  I liked Ohio State okay.”

Sam Webb:  Did you get to see all the academic things… the counseling support, all the academic support at Ohio State as well?

Jennifer Coney:  “Well… the head recruiter is not Chris Partridge, and I’m going to leave that where that is.  Take from that what you will.”

Sam Webb:  What is next for you guys visit wise?

Jennifer Coney:  “We’re going to see Dawg Night in Georgia.  I have family in Georgia and we’re going to go down there and do a long weekend.  We were looking at the schedule and Coach Rocker told us about Dawg Night. So since we’ll be in Atlanta we’re going to drive down (to Georgia) for a day or two.  Rashan still wants to go to LSU, but I don’t know financially if that is going to happen.  I’ve got to get back to work.  I’m work at the college and so I took summer off, but I have to go back to work and I don’t know if we’re going to fit that one in.  Maybe a weekend trip.  They don’t practice on Friday, so we might drive to Maryland and then may drive to Penn State.  I don’t think we’re going to do too much more.”

Sam Webb:  Then it is just going to be the official visits in the fall?

Jennifer Coney:  “Right.  Rashan will sit down and he’s going to pick the schools he wants to go to and that’s it.  We’re not going to do much.  We’re going to shut down recruiting once he gets his five official visits.  After he gets his top five, recruiting is over.  We are then going to concentrate on school his senior year and his football season, we’re going to schedule these official visits, and that’s it.  I wanted to go to Notre Dame, I wanted to go Stanford, go to USC, but there is not enough time and finances are dwindling.  I had set amount money to get this all done, and we’re nearing that, so I don’t know if we can get out west and that’s a shame because I know he always liked USC.  I’m playing the (the lottery), so if that happens for me, then we’ll go.  Right now I don’t see that happening.  It’s sad, but you cannot go to every college that offers you.  I told Rashan that.” 

Sam Webb:   So wrap your time in Ann Arbor up in a nutshell for me.  Michigan did an acceptable job, a good job, or did they do a great job?

Jennifer Coney:  “Every college does a great job, but I just have to emphasize Chris Partridge knows me.  He knows the kind of person I am.  He knows me.  I’m the, ‘don’t let me have to come to your office’ type of person.  He made sure I wouldn’t have to come to his office.  He’d make sure that I didn’t get that phone call.  I just think for recruiting purposes, Chris Partridge knows me.  He knows what I’m looking for.  He knows how I am about Rashan.  He knows the important things and he presented them all.  The other college recruiters… they don’t know me. I tell them that academics are important and I need to see what your plan is for Rashan to be successful academically.  So all the colleges showed me their academic plans because when I make the appointment to come down, that’s what I say I need.  I need to see the campus, I need to see the dorm.  They authorize that for me.  Football stuff, as I’ve been learning I try to be more involved and meeting with the defensive coordinator and the line coach.  His defensive line coach, Steve Kanoc.  He’s sweetheart.  He comes with us to these visits, so he can get a take on the football side.  At the beginning when he would sit with the football people, he would come back and try and explain the mumbo-jumbo jargon that they were talking about.  So he’s teaching me and I’m getting it.  Now I sit in and I ask simple questions, but I ask important ones.  I can tell when somebody is real.  It has been a wonderful experience.  It’s been a lot, but I’m glad it is coming to an end.”

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