Cowherd Ends Awkward Interview With Harbaugh

ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd cut off Jim Harbaugh after awkward interview Wednesday morning.

Ordinarily, no news is good news. In the case of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh though, no news quickly turns into a national story.

An off-season filled with stories from Gatorade in cereal to a shirtless football camp experience, Harbaugh continues to make headlines without yet coaching one game for the Wolverines.

Wednesday morning was no different as Harbaugh made an appearance on “The Herd” with ESPN Radio Host Colin Cowherd, a show also simulcast on ESPNU.

Not unlike several coaches in college or professional sports, Harbaugh provided very little substance when asked open ended or leading questions about his transition from the NFL, what he changed first at Michigan and the feeling of momentum in the Big Ten.

After several short exchanges, Harbaugh became the first of the two to openly wonder where exactly this interview was going.

"This feels like one of those (interviews) where you ask like 50 questions on,” Harbaugh said before being interrupted.

"Well, you're giving me ... you're not giving me a ton to work with, coach,” Cowherd said. “So I just want to find out something about Jim Harbaugh the human being."

Growing frustrated with non-answers, the interview went from bad to worse and more awkward when Cowherd essentially admitted the exchange was a complete train wreck.

"It seems like this is terribly difficult for you, Jim," Cowherd said laughing. "This is just not working. I love you to death, I really do, but it seems like we're going nowhere with this. And I love you. I'm a huge Harbaugh fan."

"What can I do to make your interview better?" Harbaugh asked.

Cowherd tried his hardest to pull more out of Harbaugh, essentially asking the former San Francisco 49ers coach to sell him on the Michigan program as though he were a recruit.


Eventually Cowherd grew annoyed enough to pull the plug on the interview, appearing to signal to his producer that he was done with Harbaugh.

"I've been in the business 10 years, folks," Cowherd said at the end. "That was a clunker. There isn't much I can do about that. I tried. I asked every open-ended question I could, but he's got nothing to say."

You can watch the full interview with Harbaugh and Cowherd below.

Harbaugh throws out first pitch

Just one night prior Jim Harbaugh made his way to Comerica Park in order to throw out the first pitch at the Tigers/ Pirates game in downtown Detroit.

Speaking with media afterward, Harbaugh was asked several questions regarding the assertions that senior defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins had been told to leave in order to open up scholarships and not because of health concerns.

"We don't run off players," Harbaugh told MLive.

"I'll speak for myself personally," Harbaugh added. "When it comes to the health and safety of the players, that argument trumps all other arguments."

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