The Opening: Long Still Fond of U-M's Woodson

2016 Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback David Long details his performance out at The Opening, thoughts on where Michigan stands in his recruitment, visit plans, and more.

As the saying goes, you’re always your own worst critic. Such is life for 2016 Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback David Long.

Spending his week out at The Opening in Oregon, Long admitted he didn’t have his best performances throughout his time at the Nike headquarters.

"Yesterday I started out a little bit slow in the 1-on-1's," Long The Michigan Insider. "I was really just trying to get my feet wet out here. It's a different type of game style, game play, game speed, everything.

”Just with my step, being patient. I had a rough day, went home, got my mind right and went out here today hitting the ground running."

From a recruiting standpoint, Long hit the ground running as well reeling in several offers from around the nation, including seemingly the entire west coast.

Now heading into his senior year, Long feels closer to figuring out where exactly he’ll head to play college football.

"I'm definitely, I want to make a decision before my season," Long said. "I'm trying to see some other schools. I'm not sure when I'll be able to do and get around to that but I'd definitely be comfortable making a decision without getting out to some of those schools.

“But some schools I've seen a lot of, I've seen a lot of Washington, Stanford and of course some local schools."

Time will be the issue for Long who admits he might not make it to all of the schools he plans to prior to making a decision.

Would that negatively affect some of the schools hundreds, even thousands of miles away?

"I don't think I would," Long said. "I'm pretty firm in my commitment with a school and if I feel that's where I want to go then I don't need to see anything else."

One school plunging itself into the middle of Long’s recruitment early in the process is Michigan, led by Jim Harbaugh and his new coaching staff.

Although things have seemingly died down a little bit in recent months, Long insists the Wolverines are still right there.

"Michigan is still on me hard," Long said. "A lot of people assume I'm going to Stanford but a lot of schools haven't backed off and are still recruiting me. But Michigan, they're still pushing and they have a really good chance."

Part of the reason for that puncher’s chance is due to Long’s fondness for one of the most memorable players ever to walk through the tunnel at the Big House.

"Michigan is just a really big school, football school," Long said. "Harbaugh definitely brings some intensity, some points to the school but I'm a really big Charles Woodson fan and they have a lot of experience as far as defensive backs with this coaching staff.

“That's something I really like and I think I can really use at the college level. And a decent education as well."

In contact with several different coaches on Michigan’s staff, Long says he’s building a pretty strong bond with one of them.

"Coach (Mike) Zordich -- I talk to Coach Zordich a lot," Long said. "I really like that guy."

Long is in the process of setting up a weekend trip to the Midwest in order to see both Michigan and Notre Dame, though no date has officially been set up at this point.

Asked whether or not distance from home will play a factor in his decision, Long answered pretty emphatically.

"No factor at all," Long said. "I really just want to go somewhere where it's good for me and my family. The best situation for me may be at home or it may be across the country but either way I'm not worried about distance from home."

The best situation for Long focuses on more than football, putting a great deal of focus off the field.

"A school that can help me after football," Long said. "I don't take football for granted, every time I get out here I know it can end any day so I definitely want to be at a school where if football doesn't work out I'll be comfortable and fine and don't have to really move around or change my lifestyle. Also a school that helps you network."

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