Bush Sr. on Sat Camps: "Get With the Program"

Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan coach Devin Bush Sr.’s message to the coaches complaining about the sudden proliferation of satellite camps is simple. Quit crying.

For the past few months most of the commentary about satellite camps emanating from the south has been mostly negative.  At issue is the loophole in the NCAA rule prohibiting institutions from running camps at locations outside of a 50 mile radius of their respective campuses.  There is no such restriction on coaches from said institutions serving as guest instructors at camps outside of that radius.  While multiple ACC and SEC coaches have cried foul, some high school coaches in the south have welcomed the practice with open arms.

Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan’s Devin Bush Sr. is one such high school coach.

Last month he collaborated on a satellite camp at the Miami Dolphins training facility.

“I was trying to put something together for these kids that can’t travel around go to all these different schools over the summer,” Bush explained.  “I got in cahoots with Michigan and said I was going to do a camp and they wanted to be a part of it and I got a couple more schools involved and it all just came to life.”

During SEC media days this week a few of the conference’s most outspoken coaches on the topic downplayed the issue and indicated that their frustration over it had been overblown.

"I just think that I wasn't all that upset about it," Alabama coach Nick Saban said. "I don't agree with it. I think that we have a recruiting calendar that clearly establishes times when you can be off campus to recruit. That's not a time where you can be off campus to recruit. So we do not feel in our league that it's a time we should be off campus to recruit."

“First of all, this past year, the chances of a team up north coming into our state when us and Alabama both want a player, is slim to none,” Auburn headman Gus Malzahn added.

“From a conference standpoint if they continue to do it… and the NCAA doesn’t change the rule… we’re going to do it.”

If you ask Bush, attempting to get the rule changed shouldn’t even be on the agenda.

“I think these guys need to get out and do these camps,” said Bush.  “They want all these kids to come to their schools and pay all this money and try to go to all these schools, why not give these kids an opportunity that cannot afford it economically to come down and get that experience.  Every kid cannot get that experience, so if these schools can come down and interact with these kids, because I’m on the kid’s side.  These schools are going to do what they’re going to do, they’re going to be alright.  They can get around and they have the resources, but a lot of these kids don’t, so why not have these satellite camps.  It only helps the kids.  It doesn’t hurt these institutions.  So these guys going around crying about it and complaining about it, get with the program.  It’s about these kids for me, all day every day.”

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