Bush Looking for Something “Real”

The father of Pembroke (Fla.) Pines Flanagan LB Devin Bush was himself a highly rated recruit, and is now guiding his some down the home stretch of his recruitment.

To many recruiting observers Devin Bush Jr. following in his father’s footsteps has long been a foregone conclusion.  That, though, has never been his father’s take.  From the beginning of the recruiting process the former Seminole standout encouraged his son to approach his recruitment with an open mind.

“It was easy for me because I was a highly recruited kid myself and I had the option of picking the school that best fit me.  All these kids deserve that chance, no matter if your dad played their or not.  Like I said before, I didn’t wake up and play football so my son could follow in my footsteps.  I played football and I enjoyed it because I really loved it.  He worked hard and he deserved that same opportunity to make the best choice that fits him and I’m going to support him 100% on that choice.”

Finding that fit will come down to comparing the numerous visits he has been on and seeing which one best lives up to his most important criteria.

“He wants to play with guys that are going to have a lot of passion, that are going to want to fly around and get to the ball and get there in an angry fashion, and play an aggressive style of defense,” the elder Bush stated.  “Be around a great defensive mind and play some great football.  That’s one of the things that is going to be important to him.  A lot of these schools… all are a great educational institutions and they’re going to (provide) a good education.  All these schools are designed to do that.  So he’s going to look at who can develop him more as a player and his relationship with the coach, the type of defensive scheme they’re going to play and how he is going to fit into it and the players around him.  It is really going to come down to that.”

“I tell him, look at what’s real.  A lot of people like going around saying, ‘don’t commit to coaches’… but it’s impossible not to.  You can’t commit to a building.  Buildings don’t coach you, they don’t interact with you, and they don’t talk to you.  Buildings are buildings.  They’re hollow walls when nobody is in there.  So you have to get around and see if the atmosphere is conducive to what you’re trying to do.  You have to look at the defense coordinator, the plan, and how they plan to use you.  Look at the depth charts, where you fit in, and how it is going to work out for you.  So all those things are going to be important for him to take a look at and also, the type of player you’re going to play with and you’re going to be in the huddle with you.  Those things are going to make the experience just awesome.”

Based on the Bush family’s prior experiences in Ann Arbor, both father and son credit the Maize & Blue with checking a lot of those boxes. The Wolverines have even added greater familiarity to its list of attributes thanks to the commitments of Flanagan standouts Devin Gil and Josh Metellus.  However according to dad that development may have made things harder as opposed to easier.

“He has got problems now, man,” Mr. Bush said with a smile.  “That’s how the recruiting process works.  I told him before, ‘you haven’t seen it yet. it’s going to get real tough as time goes on.  The schools start recruiting you and the other players start recruiting you.  You’re going to have to deal with all that.’”
“It’s going to be a great learning experience for him.  He’s going to figure it out and gather all the information that he can and make the best decision that’s going to fit him.  He’ll be able to take that with him and hopefully pass it on to another young man one day.”

That final decision may still be weeks if not months away.  Before it’s made at least one more visit could take place.

“We going to try and see if we can get up to Georgia for Dawg Night,” Mr. Bush stated.  “But right now, we probably need to start concentrating in our season, what we’re trying to do.  We have a pretty good team and we’re trying to get some things in place, so we need to focus on getting his body ready strength and conditioning wise, the camaraderie with the team and start to focus on what we’re going to try and accomplish this season.”


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