Signing Day Decision for Jones?

Three schools currently standout for Orlando (Fla.) Oak Ridge LB Jonathan Jones, but he probably won’t be choosing the victor anytime soon. Is Michigan still the team to beat?

Things on the recruiting front have calmed a bit for Jonathan Jones.  That’s undoubtedly a product of his decision to pare down his list.

“I’m set on my five now.  I’m definitely thankful for all the other offers that I have, but right now I only got so long before I’ve got to make that chance, so I’ve definitely narrowed it down to a solid five.”

“Now it is time to get better and focus on the season.”

Michigan, Duke, Stanford, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame, are the programs that made the cut, but within that group there is a clear hierarchy.

“(The Wolverines) are still #1,” said Jones.  “I actually changed up my top three.  My top three is Michigan, Duke and Notre Dame.  Michigan, I stayed there for a good four or five days.  I met a lot of knew family there.  They’re definitely looking good.”

“(The Michigan coaches) were recruiting me before I got real big,” said Jones explaining why Michigan remains on top.  “They were in my first top ten offers.  They came through, so they’ve been recruiting me heavy.  The first day of the coaching starting to go out for recruitment, Coach Durkin was out there to see me.  They’ve just always been there and they just have little factors that beat out a lot of people.”

While that connection with the Wolverines’ defensive coordinator is extremely strong, he has also forged similar bonds with a few of his other suitors.

“Coach Durkin out of Michigan… he’s always been there and we’re always talking,” Jones said.  “Also, Coach Autry Denson, he’s definitely given me a lot of confidence.  Both of them actually have said they are proud of me and go out and do your thing.  Coach Collins also from Duke.”

“All I know is that I’m going to announce it after I take my five official visits.  After that, I might just say signing day.  Signing day might be the time when I go ahead and make that decision.”

To view Jones’ chat with The Michigan Insider in its entirety, press play below.

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