Coach Speak: Bush Sr. Talks Metellus, Gil

Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Charles Flanagan head coach Devin Bush Sr. gives his thoughts on Michigan 2016 safety commits Josh Metellus and Devin Gil.

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Devin Bush Sr. knows a good thing or two about playing college football. He did play his college career at Florida State after all.

Now the head coach at Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Charles Flanagan, Bush Sr. has the luxury of coaching some of the top talent form the Sunshine state.

In fact, his school is a recruiting hotbed for top schools – including Michigan.

Earlier this month at Nike’s The Opening, Bush Sr. talked with The Michigan Insider about two of his star players who recently committed to the Wolverines in June, in 2016 safety commits Josh Metellus and Devin Gil.

Josh Newkirk: Give your assessment of Metellus and what he brings to the table as player. Obviously, he’s guy that came on the scene during U-M’s satellite camp tour. Bu what kind of player is Michigan getting in Metellus?

Devin Bush Sr.: “I was watching a lot of the guys playing here today (at The Opening), and Metellus can make a lot of the same plays. He can run. He can open his hips and turn. He can change direction. He can make plays on the ball. He can come through the alley and make contact. He makes plays in the open field. He’s a very physical, versatile, and highly intelligent player.”

JN: As far as his character standpoint, what does he bring to the team?

Devin Bush Sr.: “ “For his character, he’s going to bring that South Florida style. Get in your face never say die attitude. He’s very confident. A lot people like to say that’s cocky, but he’s very confident in his abilities and what he’s able to do. He plays within a scheme and has a good I.Q. of football and a good understanding of what coach is going to ask. He’s going to play hard, fast and physical.”

JN: From your perspective, do you think he can come in and play early? Or is he a redshirt guy?

Devin Bush Sr.: “ “He’s going to be able to go in and understand the defense. It just depends on (Michigan’s plan). How they develop these players. How they develop them and how they want to use them in the situation that he’s going to be in. It’s going to depend on the coaches and how they want to use him.”

JN:Gill, who is also safety, what kind of player is Michigan getting in him?

Devin Bush Sr.: “Same thing (as Metellus), a guy with great ball skills. Has high knowledge of the game and awareness of how to play in the zones. He’s a very versatile player. He can make plays in the middle of the field. He come down in the box and get physical. He can run from sideline to sideline. A great communicator and will be able to talk with his teammates about situations and situational football. He’ll be able to get guys line up. So he will be able to do a lot of things.”

JN: And from a character standpoint, what will Gil bring to the team? If possible, could you give an example?

Devin Bush Sr.: “Just being very confident and understanding the situation in the football game. I was standing in the sideline and I sent in a play. He waved it off. He was like ‘No coach, we running this. I got you.’ He called the play and we ran it – and we stopped them. He just went and told them “this is what we are doing. This is how we are going to do it. I understand what we’re doing and we’re going to do it.’ That was just huge.”

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