Harbaugh Recaps “Fun” Summer

The media combined with Michigan fans to form a captive audience for Jim Harbaugh's summer exploits. The Wolverines' headman met with reporters recently to discuss his eventful travels.

The summer of Jim Harbaugh never seemed to have a dull moment.

From satellite camps to trips to Europe, he seemingly made headlines wherever he went.

One of the more frequently discussed topics was the “Summer Swarm” tour that saw him and his coaching staff travel across the country to hold football camps. The events were highly successful as it resulted in a handful of commitments for the program, but also some scorn from opposing head coaches in the SEC conference.

Wwhat might be a stressful slate to some was anything but for Harbaugh. He raved to reporters on Tuesday about how memorable the summer satellite camp tour was to him.

“The camps this summer were more fun than I can remember having in a long, long time,” Harbaugh said. “From all aspects. Being around the youngsters, being around our staff and coaches, just the way we connected with each other and with others.

“Every day, every minute was more fun than I’ve had in a long, long time. I can’t remember having more fun than that.”

Harbaugh was asked whether more stops would be added to the tour next year but danced around the question in his usual style.

To get some time to recharge the batteries before the grind of the season begins, Harbaugh and his wife Sarah took some time away to travel to Paris, France. It was the first time in quite some time he was able to get away without bringing the entire family with him.

“My wife and I, Sarah, we never spent more than two days alone, just her and I, without the kids in like eight years,” Harbaugh said. “It was sure nice to get a whole week, just her and I. I liked Paris.

“I was in a period where I learned from the Parisians, they kind of talk softer, slower, not quite as aggressive. So, this is the new me. Hope you like it.”

However, no matter where he travels, Harbaugh cannot completely escape football.

He took to Twitter during his vacation and posted a picture of himself playing catch in the streets of Paris. Coincidentally enough, the person on the other end of the pass was a ten-year-old boy from the Bay Area.

“That was a youngster that was just walking by and he was throwing a football with his dad,” Harbaugh said. “I just kind of jumped up and got in the game with them. He’s a youngster from Oakland, California, it was just kind of a spontaneous game of catch.

“Playing catch right there on the street was pretty cool.”

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