Harbaugh’s Football Dream

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh met with reporters on Tuesday and shared a recurring dream comes around every year to tell him football season is right around the corner.

Jim Harbaugh has the same dream every year right before the season is set to begin.

The Wolverines’ headman told reporters Tuesday that his first season coaching his alma mater does not feel different from his other coaching stops. His dream came back around to visit him, signaling it’s time to work.

“There’s a battle rhythm or body clock that tells you it’s time to play football,” Harbaugh said. “For me, I know when I get my first football dream then it’s my body clock telling me it’s time to compete.

“It’s like a bell in a boxing match or the buglers call from the Kentucky Derby.”

What exactly does his football dream entail? The former quarterback goes back to his position to lead his team.

“My football dream is usually always the same,” Harbaugh said. “I always wake up before the final drive. I’m always playing in my football dreams, never coaching in my football dream. At the end, there’s always a final drive I’m trotting out for and I always wake up for some reason.

“I’m waiting for that dream to finish to see how it plays out.”

Having the same dream every year consistently would get rather boring for most, but not for Harbaugh.  He admitted that the situations for his final drive vary wildly, from being young again to being a 50-year-old free agent. He certainly keeps it interesting.

“There’s different ways I’ve gotten there,” Harbaugh said. “Sometimes I’ve started, sometimes I come in as a back-up. Sometimes I come in and I’m young, sometimes I’m like 50 and they signed me just to play that game.”

“I found as I get older the things I really love the most and aren’t able to do, I dream about,” Harbaugh said. “I’ll have someone analyze this one day, I’m sure.

“There’s no real time to do that right now.”

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