Ferentz Discusses Rudock Transfer

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz spoke with the media during day one of the Big Ten Media Days. He touched on Jake Rudock’s decision to transfer to Michigan.

The Big Ten Media Days kicked off on Thursday with Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz speaking to the media about the upcoming season for his Hawkeye squad.

One of the hottest topics for the media was former Hawkeye quarterback Jake Rudock being allowed to transfer to Michigan, an in-conference foe.

For Ferentz, allowing the move, he felt, was best for the player.

“It’s like every player in our program I think any coach wants what’s best for the individual,” Ferentz said. “That was Jake’s decision all the way and certainly we did all we could to cooperate and help him with whatever path he chose to take.”

Shortly after the 2014 season ended for the Hawkeyes, Ferentz stated that junior C.J. Beathard would be the starting quarterback heading into the 2015 season. Beathard appeared in nine games last season, which could’ve also contributed to Rudock souring on Iowa.

"If Jake's heart's not totally into being here, then it's probably best he does go somewhere else," Ferentz told reporters back in March. "Right now, he's in the exploratory process in this stage."

Rudock’s transfer also leads into another issue that has been on the radar for a few coaches radars, the graduate transfer process. Some don’t like it while others, mostly those who’ve benefited from the rule, don’t see an issue with it.

Add Ferentz into the group that doesn’t have issues with the grad transfer rules.

“I think in certain instances it’s a great thing and, for Jake, I am glad it worked out,” Ferentz said. “I’ll go back to my first point on that entire topic I think everybody in sports wants what’s best for the players but it’s not cut-and-dry with that rule.

“It’s a little bit of a grey area rule, if you will.”

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