Bolden on MSU Stake: 'I'm done with it'

Senior Joe Bolden reflects on the stake he threw at MSU last fall, how it got blown out of proportion and the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry overall.

CHICAGO – Joe Bolden added his own unique chapter to the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry last fall.

With Michigan running onto the field pregame, Bolden led the charge when he threw a stake into MSU’s turf in an attempt of “motivation” for his teammates. While he was simply trying to motivate his team, it certainly fueled his rivals, and even led to a late – unnecessary -- touchdown run in MSU’s 35-11 victory over Michigan.

At Big Ten Media Days on Friday, Bolden was asked about the stake, and his reason behind it – again.

“Blown out of proportion – completely,” Bolden said.

And then, well, he explained as best he could why he threw the stake in the first place.

“No disrespect at all,” Bolden said. “I think I said in a radio interview the other day. At the end of the day, it was motivation for my team. I believe it was taken completely the wrong way. There were some things that were said. Someone said they ran the ball and they (could’ve) taken a knee. To me, I’m a competitor -- It’s a rivalry football game. I’m running the ball, too. Nobody did anything to me. If I’m a head coach, I’m running the football.

“It’s the same thing. I got the utmost respect for Coach (Mark) Dantonio, his staff and everything. I know he was at Cincinnati, which is where I am from, prior to coming to State. Nothing but respect for him. They win football games. Nothing but respect for them. Like I said, simply motivation that backfired I guess in a way. It got blown out of proportion. It is what it is.” That being said, Bolden says it’s time to move on and doesn’t regret the stake.

“Regret? No, there is a story behind it that you guys will probably never understand,” Bolden said. “If I told you would probably understand. I’m not going to tell you, you’re not going to know. But it is what it is, it’s in the past.”

Adding: “I’m done with it.”

As far as the rivalry, Bolden says he expects to continue to get even better.

“That game has been big for however many years,” he said. “It will continue being big. It will get bigger. There is no doubt about it. Whether that incident had anything to do with that or not, I like to think not. I’ll continue to repeat myself, It was blown out of proportion.”

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