Harbaugh talks 'energized' student section

With the hiring of Jim Harbaugh, the energy that was lost in the student section last season is expected to return. Harbaugh talks about the importance of the student body at Michigan.

During a college football game, one of the more exciting aspects is an energized student section. Fans and students alike saw what an unenthused student section looks like during a year where the football team struggled mightily.

That energy level has seemingly turned around overnight without even playing a single game due to the hiring of Jim Harbaugh.

During his media session on Friday’s Big Ten Media Day, Harbaugh was asked about what it means to have a dedicated student section at Michigan.

“It means a lot,” Harbaugh said. “It’s always been tremendous at Michigan. There’s such a connection that Michigan students have, and always have, with their university before they get there, while they’re there and long after they graduate and leave the University of Michigan. It’s at the highest level.”

With the excitement back at Michigan, it has also spilled over to other sports. According to Harbaugh, who made a trip to many different sporting events during the short time he has returned, he can also see that excitement every day he is on campus.

From someone who has experience with the Michigan student tradition, Harbaugh admits that it is a source of inspiration for him.

“Speaking from experience, I see that again,” Harbaugh said. “Where you go to a hockey game, a basketball game, a women’s basketball game. You’re on campus at East Quad, walking through the dormitory, South Quad to go in there to eat or walk through Angell Hall at the Ross School of Business, the energy and enthusiasm for the paths that the students are doing there, it’s inspiring. How important is that for us? I mean, how good is that for us? It’s hard to measure.

“How do you measure it? You can’t.”

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