Michigan, Harbaugh Entering 'Submarine' Mode

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says the Wolverines are ready to be about it and not talk about it, set to go underground and into submarine mode on the even of his first training camp in charge of the show in Ann Arbor.

If Jim Harbaugh has his way, headlines won't be a part of training camp No. 1 under his watch, in charge of the Michigan football program.

Perhaps no other team in college football history -- fresh off a 5-7 year -- has experienced and felt the amount of buzz Michigan has endured throughout this entire off-season.

Some of the buzz is deserved, the Michigan brand of course being one of the reasons. Some of it is quite odd, a shirtless Harbaugh running around a hot football field in Florida at a satellite camp.

All of it though, creates a national stir with viral tweets and headlines seemingly daily that even non-sports fans might not be able to avoid.

According to Harbaugh, he hasn't noticed.

"I don't know that there is," Harbaugh said at Michigan's media day Thursday. "Is there?"

Ideally, Harbaugh would prefer the excitement surrounding the Michigan program focus solely on a strong football team, making positive steps toward a tradition of winning.

But the Wolverines have a long way to go, and Harbaugh knows it.

Gearing up for practice No. 1 Friday, Harbaugh compared his anticipation to one of the single most impactful sports movies of all time.

"You've seen the movie Hoosiers," Harbaugh said. "Gene Hackman. They have the pep rally and this kind of feels the same way. You introduce your team just like we'll do today out on the field, to youngsters, to Michigan faithful and he said, 'this is my team.'

"And we've worked extremely hard, these youngsters have worked extremely hard, you should be proud of them, and we'll find out what we can become. Everything will be earned, we want it to be competed for, nothing will be given to them."

How soon that pride returns to the Michigan program remains one of the biggest question marks heading into the season.

A conference featuring 2014 national champion Ohio State and a Michigan State program as strong as any in recent years in the Big Ten, Michigan has it's work cut out for them.

Still, Harbaugh doesn't expect to walk onto the field and lose.

"Our expectations are very high," he said. "It'll come through work but no predictions or crystal ball seeing into the future, nor would we want it to be that way.

"We embrace the fact there'll be great competition and we've got to get ourselves prepared for that."

When Harbaugh was introduced as Michigan's next head coach, one of the phrases he uttered at his press conference read: "We want to be about it, not talk about."

And after today's media sessions, that's exactly what the Wolverines will, and should, be doing.

"You just coach the team and the other thing is I'm very proud to be here today and have our team for everybody to see," he said.

"Just to let you know we're going into submarine tomorrow and you won't see us for a while, you won't hear from us. We're going to be working in a bunker mentality until we decide to come up to the surface."

Everyone eligible

Asked whether or not everyone had been admitted, enrolled and cleared for training camp, specifically the freshmen class, Harbaugh confirmed Michigan will have a full squad.

"Yes, to the best of my knowledge."

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