Peppers Says Harbaugh Is "Good Kind of Crazy"

Sometimes being crazy isn't necessarily a bad thing. Redshirt freshman Jabrill Peppers talks about Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's craziness.

Jim Harbaugh and Jabrill Peppers have had a connection ever since the head coach stepped foot on campus. Both ultra competitive, one could argue that they are, perhaps, cut from the same cloth.

During Media Day interviews with reporters, Peppers was asked to describe his head coach in one word.

He couldn’t do it.

When asked for two or three? Well then, that’s a different story.

“Now we’re talking,” Peppers said. “Definitely enthusiastic, definitely a teacher of the game. I’ve got to say he’s crazy. He’s probably going to kill me for that one but he’s definitely one of the craziest coaches I’ve played for.”

Typically labeling someone as “crazy” has a negative connotation surrounding it. For Peppers, it’s quite the opposite.

Harbaugh, it seems, is the right kind of crazy.

“It’s a good kind of crazy,” Peppers said. “It makes you want to be crazy. He always says if there’s love and enthusiasm for the game trumps yours, then you have a problem. So I definitely think those three words describe Coach Harbaugh in my opinion.”

Perhaps being crazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing after all. Perhaps, just perhaps, crazy is what Michigan needs to get itself back on track again.

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