Jabrill Peppers Not Paying Attention to Hype

Jabrill Peppers spoke with reporters during Media Day and shared his thoughts about the hype surrounding him this season.

If there’s one player that receives endless attention off the field for skill alone, it’s redshirt freshman safety Jabrill Peppers.

The endless questions surround him about what side of the football he will be playing or will he be the next great player to don the winged helmet. All answers that may, or may not, be answered in time.

Until then, the hype and attention will continue to grow around Peppers with the days and weeks leading up to kickoff.

For now, Peppers is staying even-keeled and keeping an apathetic attitude about the hype that surrounds him.

“One, I don’t pay attention to hype,” Peppers told reporters during Media Day. “Two, there’s no pressure when you’re prepared. And three, expectations, I don’t pay no mind because nobody’s expectations is higher than mine or the guys around you. Like I said that’s all speculation, how good you think I am or how you think I’m not.”

The media also feeds into the hype machine. They share stories about feats of strength, what a player does on and off the field. In the case of Peppers, there isn’t much to be shared, as there isn’t much film to go by.

None of this is his fault of course and injury is to blame, but it won’t stop the hype.

Peppers doesn’t pay attention to what the media, or anyone not on his team for that matter, says about him and his growing hype.

“We don’t pay attention to the media,” Peppers said. “We keep it in the family and we see how hard we’re working. We all put that work in. You look over and see that next guy struggling and give him a sense of security that when times are hard we’re going to dig deep. We’ve filled our well with something that when we dig deep and need to bring something back out, we’ve put enough great work and great virtues in that well so we can pull it out when times get tough.”

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