Butt Thinks He Can Be No. 1 Option For QBs

Jake Butt was asked to compare his head coach and position coach during Thursday's Media Day. Are Jim and Jay Harbaugh the same person?

When news of Jim Harbaugh’s hiring swept across the streets of Ann Arbor, one person in particular had to have seen his ears perk up a little bit at the news.

That person is junior tight end Jake Butt.

Not only does Butt get a Harbaugh as his head coach, he also gets a Harbaugh as his position coach as well. Jay Harbaugh is working closely with Butt this offseason as the tight ends coach at Michigan.

When asked to compare the two, Butt made it a point to say that they’re not exactly alike. In fact, with Jim being the loud and intense guy of the group, Jay appears, at least for now, the more calm guy of the pair.

“Jay, he’s more of a calm guy,” Butt said. “He’ll coach you through your plays and he won’t really scream at you. It’s a lot different but Jay is a great coach. He’s been around great coaches his whole life, great players. He’s a Harbaugh so he has that natural football knowledge.

“I think he’s a great coach because he knows how to teach and him being a little younger helps him communicate with us, too.”

Butt also had praise for his head coach as well.

“He brings that natural intensity to the table,” Butt said. “He’s got an expectation for himself and the team. He holds everybody to that every single day. Every single rep and every single drill, he wants it to be a championship rep. That’s what it takes to win.”

One thing in particular that helped perk up Butt’s ears a little bit is the offensive scheme Harbaugh and staff will bring to the team this season. There is one particular facet of the offense that has held true at every stop.

Harbaugh loves to utilize the tight end position and Butt is ready to prove himself.

“I’m really excited about that,” Butt said. “I think I’ve always had the talent to contribute to the team, maybe the opportunities didn’t come as much, but this year I think they’re going to come. And I think I’m going to have a chance, not me specifically, but the whole tight end group to really put on a display that we can help this team.

“If you want to run the ball you’ve got to play-action throw to the tight end, that’s what I always say. We’ll see what it looks like this fall.”

Butt might have personal goals, but he wasn't prepared to answer them when prompted by reporters. Instead, he elected to talk about how he can contribute to the team.

If the Harbaugh offensive gameplan says anything, there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute.

“Personally I just want to come out there and do what I can to contribute to the team,” Butt said. “I think that’s a lot. I think I can contribute a lot to this team. I think I can be a number one or number two option for our quarterbacks. I just want to improve as a blocker and just a leader, too.”

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