Is Drevno Looking to use Peppers on Offense?

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno discusses the possibility of Jabrill Peppers playing on offense and what their discussion has been so far.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – With limited action in his first season at Michigan, much is still expected from Jabrill Peppers on defense, special teams and most notably – offense – as he heads into his redshirt freshman campaign.

After all, Peppers is already expected to lead U-M’s secondary at safety this fall. But it’s clear Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh thinks Peppers could contribute on offense, when he called the former five-star standout a “rare three-way” threat in late June interview to a small contingent of reporters.

“It is rare that someone does offense, defense and special teams, the three way, the rare three way player,” Harbaugh said. “It’s exciting when somebody is capable of doing that, what does that entail. They have some real gifts athletically in terms of football and they’re really smart, really sharp to understand three different systems.”

Harbaugh believes in the 6-foot-1, 205-pounders abilities, however, does offensive coordinator Tim Drevno felt he same way to install plays for Peppers in his playbook?

That remains to be seen, because if Drevno does know something -- he’s certainly not letting anybody know his plan.

“I don’t know yet,” Drevno said of using Peppers on offense. “We’ve got to get to down in the sub and figure that out.”

What is the sub exactly? And what does Drevno and his players do in the sub?

“Just work hard, sit shoulder to shoulder, check the egos at the door, communicate and talk and get problems fixed,” Drevno explained. “When you walk on the field, it is crystal clear that you know what you’re supposed to do.”

So maybe the “sub” gave Drevno a chance to work with Peppers – specifically -- to learn the playbook.

“We’ve talked a little bit,” Drevno said. “But no -- not at all (when it comes to the playbook). We’ve made mention of it but never said specifics.”

So there is that.

And if Peppers is going to play on offense, the world and media alike will find out when Michigan plays at Utah on Sept. 3.

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