Drake Johnson Talks 'Idol' Tyrone Wheatley

Drake Johnson discusses the time where he talked trash to his position coach, Tyrone Wheatley.

Ann Arbor, Mich. – Since Tyrone Wheatley has come back to Michigan as running backs coach, so has the nostalgia that has followed him as well.

For one player in particular, nostalgia, along with talking to a childhood idol, made him say something that he thought was probably not a smart idea.

“One of the first things I told him was that I was going to be better than him,” running back Drake Johnson said. “I probably shouldn’t have said that. That was a dumb thing to say, but its kind of this continuation of this eight-year-old me talking to his idol and talking trash.”

As much as he tries to admit that telling Wheatley he will be better than him was the wrong move, there’s also a part of him that was serious.

“A part of me does want to do that,” Johnson said. “I think any good player who’s passed, particularly a Michigan legend who’s passed, wants someone to be great also, I think. I see that a lot when he coaches. He’s like ‘OK, let me tell you tips to help you be as good as I was to help you on this path, you know, becoming a great running back. I think he’s very, very good. He’s played the position probably longer than I’ve been alive.

“He probably knows a thing or two.”

A thing or two Johnson hopes will put him over the edge for the starting running back role in 2015.

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