Houma Motivated For Final Season At U-M

Michigan senior fullback Sione Houma has had a rough off-season dealing with the loss to Utah last year and having to sit out the spring from a foot injury, which has made him even more motivated to make an impact in his final campaign

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — One of the most anticipated season opener’s in college football is Michigan’s first game at Utah. And for U-M senior fullback Sione Houma it’s more than just a road game – it’ homecoming.

Houma, who was injured during spring camp, says he’s “focused” and ready to go this fall.

“I’m really focusing on camp right now and going day by day,” Houma told The Michigan Insider. “I didn’t get to practice during spring ball, so I’m focused on camp. I’m all the way back and really pumped and can’t wait to start.”

Having lost to the Utes last year, 26-10, and being sidelined this past spring, Houma has felt even more motivated in his final season to compete and start.

“The motivation is the difference a lot now,” said Houma. “The new coaching staff is always pushing us to be better and better players. Pretty much for me is the motivation to get out there and put on the helmet and attack people. I didn’t get to practice during spring ball, so I’m using motivation to be better this fall camp and into the season.

“A personal goal is to be the starting fullback for Michigan Football. I want to leave everything on the field and go all out. That is all you got to do.”

While the 6-0, 243-poundHouma will be heading home in Week 1, he still knows it’s a business trip and plans to be more prepared this time around against his home state Utes.

“It’s going to be good coming back, but with what happened last year, this is a fresh start with new coaching staff and everything else,” said Houma. “We are trying to do everything right throughout camp and get everything down, so we can go down to Salt Lake City and dominate. That is what I’m hoping for. Most of my family will be there too, so I can’t wait.”

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