Glasgow: "The optimism is up for everybody"

Graham Glasgow is optimistic about the offensive line play heading into fall camp.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Kyle Kalis said that the offensive line has had enough.

While he might be trying to speak for the offensive line as a unit, one player in particular doesn’t exactly feel that way but still would like to get things fixed as quickly as possible.

Fifth-year senior Graham Glasgow has one more shot to achieve something good at Michigan. For the offense, that means that all offensive issues should no longer run through the line.

It’s time to step up and get the job done.

“Kyle said we’ve had enough,” Glasgow said. “I’m sick of it, but I think there is no reason why we should not be a good offensive line. We should be good. We’ve had the experience, everybody has played next to each other, everybody has games and it is just time. We can’t waste any more time. We can’t be the root of our problems.”

With this new sense of urgency comes the positive attitude change that Jim Harbaugh has brought to Michigan with him. Of course, hiring a man of his stature sent shockwaves throughout the country. However, it also had an impact at home and Glasgow feels it.

“I think that the optimism is up for everybody,” Glasgow said. “Everybody just feels there is a new energy, not even to players but a new energy to the town, like everybody is excited about it, makes us excited. It is fun to be around.”

A lot of that energy can be traced back to Harbaugh. While he is trying to change the culture of a program that has seen its fair share of losses, the lessons being taught every day large maintain the same.

We’ve heard Harbaugh say it before, “get one-percent better every day.” Glasgow is taking it to heart.

“I would say the thing that he stresses to everybody before every practice is getting better, getting better than the day before, getting better than the play before,” Glasgow said. “So improving, being physical, going out there hearing footballs, making it a mans game. I would probably say those are probably the two most important things that all the coaches stressed to us. Probably just making sure your head is in the game as well, not making mental errors and letting yourself be you.”

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