Corley Building Bond W/Harbaugh, Michigan

Detroit (Mich.) King 2016 WR Donnie Corley updates his latest visit to Michigan and more.

DETROIT – Earlier this month, Michigan held its annual recruiting bonanza – Barbecue at the Big House – playing host to multiple in-state and national prospects.

Among them was prized four-star 2016 wide receiver Donnie Corley, who stars at nearby Detroit (Mich.) King, as he took in the visit with his mother.

“She loved it,” Corley said. “She loved everything about it. She talked to the coaches a lot. She talked to all the coaches she wanted (to talk to). We went up there and got a chance to checkout the academics. So she had a chance to ask a lot of questions and get a lot stuff done.”

Mom wasn’t the only person who was impressed during visit. In fact, Corley walked away with a different perspective than his previous visit to Michigan after talking with current U-M commits and coach Jim Harbaugh himself during the BBQ luncheon.

“I got a chance to talk to the commits,” Corley said. “They were telling Michigan is going to do big things and turn it around, just believe in that. I got a chance to talk to Coach Harbaugh about how they use me. People say maybe they are going to run the ball a lot, use tight ends. (Harbaugh) said they would use me very well.”

After talking with Harbuagh, Corley admits his bond with the Michigan headman is trending in the positive direction.

“It’s building pretty well,” Corley said of relationship with Harbaugh. “The first time I went there I wasn’t so sure. I just wanted to give him another chance. He was talking real good. I loved that about (him.)”

As far as coming back up to campus, Corley says he’s not taking any more visits to any more schools till he sets his official visit schedule.

“I’m not going to take anymore trips or nothing till I set my official (visits),” he said, noting Tennessee and Georgia as possible destinations.

Jordan Impact

Michael Jordan announced on Twitter last week that Michigan will be his first football program to represent the Jordan Brand on the field in 2016.

And Corley has taken notice.

“They’ve been doing great,” Corley said of Michigan. “They’ve got that Jordan thing – it’s real sweet. Everything, they’re doing real good.”

Adding: “It would be sweet having those Jordan cleats. All that stuff, it’s going to be pretty sweet. The shoes, everything.”

Notable Quotes

On WR coach Jedd Fisch: “He’s a great coach. He knows quarterbacks and receivers. So he knows what the receiver is looking for and what the quarterback is looking for. That’s a good thing.”

On what he’s looking for in a program: “Relationship with the coaches,” Corley said. “And would I want to got that school in case I got hurt or anything. (Early) playing time doesn’t really matter; I feel I can compete wherever I go. Distance doesn’t really matter. Really, just relationship and the school itself.”

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