Shane Morris Is No Stranger to New Offenses

This season marks the third offensive coordinator in three years for junior quarterback Shane Morris, he spoke with BTN about the path to successfully winning the starting quarterback role in 2015.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The Michigan quarterback battle is one of the more intriguing storylines heading into this season.

Surely the Big Ten Network, the conference’s flagship television station, will shed some insight into the progress of the battle.


While not much was shared during BTN Live’s trip to Ann Arbor on Wednesday, analyst Dave Revsine did share some thoughts on the battle between junior Shane Morris and graduate transfer Jake Rudock.

He gave us a small glimpse into the submarine.

“Quarterback Morris consistently took first snap in drills,” Revsine tweeted on Wednesday. “But no idea if that means anything. It does at some places, it doesn’t at others.”

Revsine also said that he believes both Morris and Rudock will both see time against Utah.

During BTN Live, Revsine spoke with both Morris and Rudock about the quarterback battle. Morris outlined what he believes is the path to playing time against Utah.

“I think what will determine the battle is who they feel is most ready to play against Utah,” Morris said. “Who has the best understanding of the offense, who is playing the best at that point and who can lead us to victory. That’s really what it comes down to.”

Morris is not new to learning new offenses. Currently being coached by his third offensive coordinator in three seasons being on campus, adjusting to new surroundings isn’t new territory for him.

“Learning a new offense is basically like learning a new language,” Morris said. “English, Spanish, all the words have the same meaning but they’re just said different. That’s kind of the way football is. It’s my third offense in three years so I’m pretty used to learning new offenses.

The more you do it, the easier it is, I guess.”

Morris is aware of the struggles the U-M program has faced as of late. He knows very well because he’s had to live with it.

However, moving forward and not looking back is his key to growth.

“Short memory,” Morris said. “Forget about what’s happened in the past and move on to the next day. Move on to the next season and work through it, keep fighting no matter what. Just do the best you can do, that’s all you can really do.”

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