Drevno: OL is Putting Two-and-Two Together

Does the Michigan offensive lineman appear to be putting it all together during fall camp? That's what it appears to look like according to U-M offensive coordinator Tim Drevno. He spoke on the unit to BTN Live on Thursday.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Tim Drevno was hired by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh to be the programs third offensive coordinator in three seasons.

With that being said, U-M fans are hoping that the third time is the charm and the offense is on the fast track to success.

Recently making a trip to U-M’s fall camp, BTN Live was not able to speak to the headman in charge. Harbaugh declined to speak, the first time in 100-plus stops that a head coach has done so, but were able to speak to Drevno briefly about his offense.

“We’re trying to build a callous,” Drevno said. “Be physical upfront, attack it, attack the line of scrimmage. Just execute at a high level and we’re doing that during training camp now with a lot of different personnel groups and things we’re doing. Rotating a lot of different guys in to see who the right guys are for the fit.”

One area where U-M has seen some rotation is the offensive line, a unit that is gradually improving but is still looking for a starting five to gel.

As far as being game ready for Utah, Drevno says that all seems to be on schedule.

“They’re doing a good job,” Drevno said. “They’re right on task on where we need to be. We’re rotating a lot of guys in there. (Kyle) Kalis is having a good camp, Graham Glasgow is having a good camp. You look at some of the young guys like Blake Bars is really stepping up. There’s a lot of guys from the springtime to now that have really done a good job learning the system and you can see that they’re really putting two-and-two together. It’s exciting.”

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