Michigan Practice Buzz: Canteen to Switch?

Michigan sophomore wide receiver Freddy Canteen has been moonlighting as a corner during fall camp. Is a permanent switch in his future?

One of the players calling more than one position home during fall camp has been former Elkton (Md.) Christian Academy four-star wide receiver Freddy Canteen.  According to ECA coach Dwayne Thomas the Wolverines had been splitting Canteen’s snaps evenly between offense and defense before he sustaied a recent injury.

“Freddy told me that Durkin and Harbaugh had him doing two days on offense (at slot receiver), and two days on defense,” said Thomas. “Durkin wants him at corner.”

What appeared to be a dalliance initially now seems to be much more than that.  For his part, Thomas understands why.

“Freddy is a master of route running, so he is a master of deciphering routes,” he said.  “He knows the passing game very well, and his knowledge at receiver enhances his instincts at corner.  He runs well, he breaks on balls well, (and) he has got good footwork.  All of those things are good traits (for a corner)."

So does that mean a permanent move to corner is possible?

“Yeah,” replied Thomas.  “He told me that he has been doing well. Durkin wants to play man.”

“If you’re going to play a lot of man schemes, Freddy isn’t going to hurt you at all.  With experience he is going to be an all-conference guy.”

“The last I talked to Freddy they’re definitely certain that he will at least play both (receiver and corner).”

If the coaching staff does opt to make a complete switch to the defensive side of the ball Thomas says his former star pupil would welcome the opportunity with open arms.

“Freddy doesn’t care,” said Thomas.  “He just wants to play.”

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