Durkin Still Figuring Out Peppers' Role

Michigan defensive coordinator is still figuring where to line up star DB Jabrill Peppers this fall.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Only a redshirt freshman, Jabrill Peppers is already regarded as one of the best players on Michigan’s 2016 team.

But there is a dilemma with Peppers as U-M approaches its road opener at Utah on Sept. 3: Where will Peppers lineup on defense?

Well, it seems U-M defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin is still trying to figuring that out.

“Jabrill as always, he brings it everyday,” said Durkin of his 6-foot-1, 205-pound standout. “He’s one of the hardest workers on the team. He’s very talented. There is a lot of things he can do to help our team. It’s matter of us figuring out where we need him most and where the best spots are for him to help us.”

Peppers, who played nickel in 2015 before his season ending leg injury, also played most of reps as the fifth defensive back in the U-M’s spring game, finishing with four tackles, two solo, including a 1.5 tackles for loss. But it is also expected that he will play safety this fall,. Although, as right now he has no set position, says Durkin.

“It’s just an ongoing discussion amongst the staff,” Durkin said. “He’s great about it. Whatever you ask him to do, he goes and does it 100 miles per hour. He doesn’t ask why? Or how? Or what about this? He just goes and does it. He’s very talented.”

Regardless of where Peppers plays, Durkin says the overall secondary is still a work in progress.

“We like to make play multiple packages on defense,” Durkin said. “We’re trying to find out who can do what right now, and this is the time to find it. You go through a season and can get banged up or something, you want to know if a certain guy can playing corner, can play safety or vise versa.”

Adding: “We bounce them all around. We’re shuffling that around now getting closer to game (day) honing in on who is playing where.”

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