“100% LB” for David Reese

Michigan has made it clear to Farmington (Mich.) standout David Reese that it wants him at his preferred position, linebacker. There is just one issue left that once resolved will make his commitment to the Wolverines ironclad.

Talk of playing fullback had loosened Michigan’s grip on longtime commit David Reese.  Over the past few months the Wolverines have slowly but surely tightened things back up.

“Coach Partridge checked (Reese’s scrimmage film) out and as soon as he saw us at the Saturday practice he mentioned it to me and started smiling,” the talented youngster’s father recalled.  He said, ‘man he is playing fast! He is playing so much faster and (more) aggressive.’  So I think there is no doubt now about that understanding about the linebacker piece.  It’s 100%.  And Coach Durkin had already made us feel that way since our sit-down meeting at the BBQ.  So it’s 100% LB.”

That would seemingly make Reese 100% certain on his Maize & Blue future, correct?  Well almost.

“The only thing now is we did not get our direct answer on the (midyear enrollment) piece,” said Mr. Reese.

“He hadn’t really thought about (the midyear question) when me and my wife met with him before the barbecue.  It was kind of funny. He was like, ‘Mr. Reese, you’ve got me again. He cracked a joke and said, ‘Mr. Reese I’ve got to be better prepared for you every time we meet.’ He had initially said he was going to let us know at the barbecue, but I respect what he did.  He said I’ve got an answer, but it’s not the one you may have been looking for.  And he basically broke it down and said currently right now he has six spots.  ‘Anticipate on coming’ is what he said… ‘but I’ve just got to make sure that we’ve got these spots and it’s going to be these first three weeks of game film and we’re going to sit down as a staff an figure out who is coming early.’”

Meanwhile, though, one of the Wolverines’ rivals is lurking in the wings with a possible midyear opportunity.

“What’s happening is Notre Dame is like two seconds away (from offering),” said Mr. Reese.

Even if they do the home team will definitely still be the team to beat.

“Everything else we feel comfortable with,” Mr. Reese said.  “It’s the midyear piece that’s important to us.  I told (Harbaugh) when we met with him… (David) doesn’t even have classes the second semester.”

He hopes to be in Ann Arbor instead. 

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