Drake Harris Stars; Drake Johnson Returns

During his media session with reporters on Thursday, Jim Harbaugh spoke about the status of Drake Harris and Drake Johnson heading into the first game of the season against Utah.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – There was one player in particular that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh spent a considerable amount of talking discussing with reporters on Thursday.

That player is Drake Harris.

Essentially two years removed from playing football due to a nagging hamstring injury that has plagued him, Harris has been making noise all throughout camp.

So much noise that it appears that Harris has earned himself some playing time in Harbaugh’s eyes.

“Drake Harris has done a really fine job,” Harbaugh said. “You’re going to see Drake Harris on Thursday night. God willing and the creek don’t rise, he’s going to be in there doing a really good job.”

By all accounts, Harbaugh has not raved about a player to the U-M media as much as he has with Harris, with perhaps Jabrill Peppers being in close second.

What has stuck out to Harbaugh the most is Harris’ drive and competitive attitude, which has made his team immediately better in his opinion.

“He’s been really sharp,” Harbaugh said. “Really good. It’s important to him, he’s been healthy and he’s competed. Strong and good all camp and I’m excited about him every day. He’s somebody that really, coming from where we were in spring ball to where we are now, he’s one of those youngsters who has really made our football team better.”

Drake Johnson healthy and practicing

When Drake Johnson went down with a second ACL tear in the same knee a season ago, it led many to believe whether U-M will get the same running back when he is healthy. As many people saw last season, a healthy Johnson makes the running back competition immediately more interesting with him in the fold.

Now it’s a matter of him making a full return to the point where he can begin practicing and work his way to the field.

According to his head coach, the prospects of his eventual return are exciting.

“Drake is cleared, practicing and haven’t decided whether he is going to play in this ballgame yet,” Harbaugh said. “He is doing a fantastic job. He’s getting bumped around, he’s in practice. He’s an explosive football player, as you know maybe better than I do. I’ve been watching him lately and I’m really excited about him.”

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