Kingston Davis Still Solid to Michigan?

Prattville (Ala.) running back Kingston Davis has seen his stock rise significantly in the months since committing to Michigan, and now a number of other suitors are hot on his trail. He has chosen four of them that he will take official visits to. Do they stand a good chance of loosening the Wolverines' grip?

Kingston Davis has made no secret of his desire to take visits despite his commitment to Michigan.  The three-star running back has already made two stops unofficially, and plans to make five officially including one to Ann Arbor.

“We visited LSU and we visited Florida and he liked both spots,” Davis’ father Leroy said.  “Florida he liked more than he liked LSU I guess you could say.  His top three is Michigan Florida and LSU.  I think Louisville was #5 from what I remember. I think Nebraska was one of those schools.  So he wants to visit Nebraska.  He wants to visit Michigan, of course.  He is excited about Michigan’s game that is going to be played next Thursday.  We’re all going to be sitting down watching attentively to see what Coach Harbaugh and company are doing.  But he is still solid about where he wants to go to school.  He is bugging me now about a four-wheel drive vehicle.  Do you need a four-wheel drive in Michigan? (Laughter)”

The Prattville (Ala.) standout is certainly trying to convince his dad that that’s the case.  That begs an obvious question.

If Davis isn’t having second thoughts about his plan to attend Michigan, why the need for visits to other schools?

“I think he just wants to make sure that he checks out those schools because he doesn’t want to be in a situation where he didn’t even look at other schools,” Mr. Davis explained.  “He wants to be able to look at other schools, but pretty solid and firm when he talks about Michigan.”

While there haven’t been any signs of Davis wavering on commitment thus far, his other suitors will certainly try to make him do so in the coming weeks and months.  What it’ll actually take to make that happen remains to be seen.

“I can’t think of anything,” Mr. Davis said.  “The biggest things for us is distance away from home.  And I used the word ‘us’...  It’s really not ‘us’ because Kingston is a very independent kid.  I don’t think he is going to have a problem being homesick or anything like that.  It’s just Michigan is a good hall for (the family), but for him, I honestly believe he is not going to have a problem with being homesick or anything like that.  Hey man... Michigan is #1.  What other program can come knocking on the door that is as attractive as the Michigan program?  I don’t think there are very many programs out there.  And for us as his mother and father, we’re excited about the life after football.  We’re excited about the education (offered) at Michigan.  That’s why Michigan is #1 in mom’s and dad’s eyes (also)… because of the education.”

“He wants to take official visits. I don’t what can happen (to make him change his mind).  I told you about the car. (Laughter)”

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