Bolden 'Speechless' on being named Captain

Senior LB Joe Bolden discusses being named captain on Michigan's 136th team in its football history.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Joe Bolden had worked all summer long, leading workouts, organizing practices, getting his teammates prepared for their upcoming season at Michigan.

His teammates, took notice, voting him as a team captain on the 136th team in Michigan football history on Thursday.

How did Bolden receive the news? Well, of course, from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh himself.

“Hearing the news and seeing Coach Harbaugh look at you and tell you your fellow teammates have voted in your favor, your original reaction is your speechless,” Bolden said. “It’s a very big honor football-wise, the biggest honor I have received.”

Adding: “My dad has always preached ‘Keep calm in the chaos.’ And he’s got his three golden rules, and I just try my best to follow them. Personally I think they make the most sense. Doing that and everything that led into this off-season, I think might have been one of the things” that led to him being named captain.

Now that he’s captain, Bolden says it won’t change his approach to his upcoming season.

“Absolutely no different than it was before,” Bolden said, when asked on what his mindset is now that he is captain. “You are raised to carry yourself a certain way, act a certain way. React to certain situations a certain way. Just going to prior to being elected to now, noting has changed. I am the same individual. I think the team is ready to roll and play football in six days.”

Michigan plays ta Utah on Sept. 3.

That’s when, of course, the Harbaugh era officially gets underway. And Bolden says it’s no added pressure being the first captain under his first year head coach.

“You try not to concern yourself with what’s going on and what other people think,” Bolden said. “If they don’t need to know, then they don’t need to know, and they don’t need to know for a reason. So why concern yourself with what they are saying, when you don’t need to know it.”

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