Shane Morris Talks "Back-and-Forth" Fall Camp

Shane Morris spoke with reporters on Friday and outlines the fall camp and the quarterback competition.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The quarterback competition continues to rage as final preparations are being made for Utah.

Though Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has not explicitly stated who is starting at quarterback, either junior Shane Morris or graduate transfer Jake Rudock will get the nod as the starter.

Morris spoke to reporters on Friday and outlined his experiences during camp and the interactions between the competition and himself.

“It’s a great competition,” Morris said. “It really is. A lot of back-and forth and great days for the both of us, sometimes he has better days and sometimes I have a better day. It’s really been a great camp. Throwing punches back and forth, it’s been awesome. It’s been a great competition. It’s been crazy, really. (Rudock) is a good guy, we always help each other out. We’ve become closer all throughout camp.”

Of course, being a quarterback coached by the likes of Harbaugh comes with a special kind of spotlight. With a long list of quarterbacks that he has tutored, Morris feels the pressure to perform and become another name on the list of Harbaugh-tutored quarterbacks.

“Everyone expects great things from his quarterbacks,” Morris said. “They’ve been great in the past. Andrew Luck, Kaepernick. all guys he’s coached and they’ve been great and had good years. It’s kind of what’s on our shoulders now, we’re expected to do good things and be better than last year and we will. We’re gonna be better than last year.”

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