Analysis: 2016 Four-star CB LaVert Hill

The Michigan Insider breaks down 2016 CB LaVert Hill's performance from Saturday night.

Analysis: 2016 Penn State CB commit LaVert Hill

Hill made his premiere in a Detroit King uniform on Saturday in Wayne State’s Prep Kickoff Classic, and helped lead King to 12-10 win over Warren (Mich.) De La Salle. At first, the four-standout struggled on some plays, and was clearly beat on catch by a De La Salle player. But in a defensive game, Hill’s ability to forgot and move on as defensive back paid off in the end.

Hill finished with two interceptions. His first interception was rather routine, making an easy play on a under thrown ball. However, his second interception stalled a De La Salle drive with less than three minutes remaining. He squared up his receiver, jumped in front of him and stole the ball. It’s those type of ball skills from Hill, which made him a standout at camps like Nike’s The Opening and Sound Mind Sound Body.

Hill on his second interception:

“It was a good interception,” Hill said. “I just made a play a play on the ball in a clutch time. And big players make big plays in big games. I just had to step it up and be a leader for my team.”

Final thoughts

On the field Saturday, Hill further proved he is a top corner and shows why other schools haven’t stopped recruiting the Penn State commit. He has a knack for interceptions, which means he is game changer. Wherever he ends up going in 2016, he will have a chance to see the field early with his game awareness.

See for yourself

Hill’s highlights from Saturday night are showcased below -- please view at your own convenience.

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