Fox Sports announces Harbus location in Utah

Traveling to Salt Like City for the Michigan game on Thursday? Fox Sports announced a location for fans to come see the "Harbus" in action.

Salt Lake City, Utah – It’s officially game day in the college football universe. Which also means that “Harbaughmania” will come to a head tonight in primetime.

Fans that decided to see the Wolverines in action in Salt Lake City will be treated to the iconic “Harbus” that has seen its way across the country in recent weeks.

The bus will be at the Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City for fans to see starting at 2 p.m. MST.

To celebrate the immense hype surrounding Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s return to the college ranks, Fox Sports announced a tour bus called the “Harbus” that would travel around the country decked out in Harbaugh-clad items for the whole country to see.

The final stop is in Utah before the game kicks off later in the evening.

“Iconic coaches and players have been immortalized in a variety of ways – whether it’s a bronze bust, a statue or a plaque – but rare is the man who is celebrated with a full-sized tour bus,” said Robert Gottlieb, FOX Sports Executive Vice President, Marketing in a statement. “We’re so excited to take this bus around the country, meet with fans and promote our great college football schedule.”

The bus is wrapped with 1,300 square feet of fabric, which is enough for 52 pairs khaki pants, comes equipped with a sharpie large enough for 91,000 autographs and a whistle that produces 140 decibels, which Fox says is louder than a college football crowd or jet engine, among others.

U-M kicks off against Utah at 7 p.m. EST on Fox Sports 1.

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